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We have high powered anon web hosting solutions perfect for YOU. Whether you have a popular business site or you have a low traffic brand new blog, CyberHour has got you covered!

High Privacy Protection

CyberHour LLC will never sell / share your privacy! Taking care of your online privacy and anonymity protects you from Scams/frauds and hacking attacks. Been anonymous doesn't mean that you are going against the laws!

100% Uptime Guanranteed!

Don't believe it? What if we tell you that our nodes are with uptime of over 1130 days!

30 Days Money-back

In the rare event of not enjoying our services, you can request refund. For 2018-2019 we had 5 refund requests :)

Ultimate Speed

We use mostly Supermicro platform, Intel Xeon E3-1240 v6 @ 3.8 GHz+ / AMD EPYC GEN2 with 64GB+ DDR4 ECC 2400MHz.

Solid State Drives (SSD)

Not just SSD but Premium Datacenters SAMSUNG SSD Drives in RAID 10! For fast and secure data read & write performance!

Free Website Migration

Free Website Migration If you are already hosted somewhere else and don't know how to migrate … Our technical specialist will take care, and migrate your website.

Offshore Hosting with Maximum Speed

Your VPS Hosting solutions are perfect for any OS and Control Panel


Why CyberHour.com is the Best Offshore Hosting provider?

Since 2012 we are providing quality and performance with high privacy protection on mind. We ignore fake DMCA complains!

Anonymous Hosting

We are not doing identity verification and we don't ask our customers to submit any IDs or other personal information. All we ask is real email address so we can communicate and verify the account ownership, which makes us real anonymous web hosting provider in Europe!

200 Mb/s Network

We are speed addicted and as such you will enjoy super fast Bandwidth connectivity with up to 200Mbps which will boost the loading Speed and SEO performance of your website!

1Tbps DDoS Protection

Your competitors will do everything to take you out-of-business! With CyberHour's multi-layer DDOS protection you will can finally feel safe and secure!

DMCA Ignored

With our offshore vps hosting solutions you don't have to worry about fake DMCA complains! CyberHour LLC protects its customers from fake DMCA complains!

Flexible Content Policy

We have one of the most flexible content policy in the web hosting industry! As long your content and activity doesn't violate our Terms of Service is more than welcome here!

Adult Hosting

CyberHour.com is hosting some of the best adult content websites, we allow legal adult content of 18+ age models

What is Offshore Hosting?

The technical definition of offshore hosting is the process of your website hosting data in a country different than your own. However, is more complexity to offshore hosting, which we'll outline below:

a) Offshore Hosting providers in first place value data privacy of their customers, the local laws of the country reflect this privacy protection as well. Privacy laws in offshore countries doesn't allow corrupt entities to retrieve personal data of providers clients.

b) Offshore Hosting providers just like CyberHour.com have more flexible content policy, which comply with the democratic laws and freedom of speech of 1st world country. For example, we allow political and anti-political views and opinions which in a country with limited to none freedom of speech is not tolerated. We support the freedom of press!

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What you can host with us?

CyberHour's offshore hosting solutions are meant:

a) For Individuals or Businesses who wish to host their website data in offshore country

b) For Individuals or Businesses who DO NOT want their data or identity to be shared with 3rd parties

c) For Individuals or Businesses who need FREEDOM OF SPEECH

d) For Individuals or Businesses who want to host their Adult content, Movie website or Gambling platform.

24/7 In-house dedicated Suport

We are NOT like your current hosting provider! We will never send you automatic reply full of nonsense information

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Frequently Asked Queries

Not finding your answer? Feel free to ask in our awesome FORUM

We do have one of the best money-back no-question-ask guarantee in the offshore web hosting industry. We will make a 100% refund of your PayPal/Card payment if we fail to deliver 100% uptime! If you want to get refund just open support ticket to our Sales Department!

Our servers location is in the best datacenter on the Balkans which make it perfect location for websites with traffic from USA and ASIA with expected latency of just 80 to 140ms.

CyberHour's offshore hosting solution ignores the fake copyright and DMCA claims. We have flexible content and activities policy. We comply only with the Bulgarian Laws. CyberHour.com is fully anonymous hosting, provider, we don't verify correcness the information that our customers are providing us.

First we have to make it clear that DMCA is applicable only under US jurisdiction. Our offshore servers are based in Bulgaria with flexible data and copyright laws. Please keep on mind that we don't ignore abuse complaints - phishing / hacking / spamming / terrorism & terrorism propaganda / underage nudity is illegal and we don't tolerate such activity on our network. If your legal business or website suffer from fake DMCA and copyright complains we will take care of it!

We believe that been anonymous webmaster is not equal to illegal activity. There are many legit reasons why someone would want to stay anonymous online. CyberHour.com is 100% anonymous hosting provider in Europe. We accept Anonymous payments via Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. All communications via our Ticket system is encrypted. Privacy is a basic human right and we protect YOUR privacy!