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With Global standards and amazing performance coupled with scalability and control for as low as 45% compared with our competitors. With various DR options including ACTIVE-ACTIVE and ACITVE-PASSIVE, our servers provide the utmost satisifaction to our customers.

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CyberHour LTD has collocated several racks in Sofia Data Center (SDC), which is a modern and neutral Tier 3 Datacenter. All access is very well restricted and secured with 24/7 video monitoring and strict access policy. All disk data is encrypted to ensure better security.

Sofia Data Centre is the first network-neutral data center in Bulgaria. Sofia Data Center is the biggest carrier neutral data center in Bulgaria, with facilities in Romania, and Turkey as well. SDC Bulgaria has one of the most competitive telecom markets in the European Union and is a gateway to the Turkish and the Middle East markets. In fact SDC owns a facility right on the Turkish borders with connectivity to all major Turkish operators. SDC has direct connectivity to Ukraine, as well as, the countries of the Caucasus region (Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan), NetIX is also present in Sofia Data Center.

Our clients could be provided with connectivity to the largest Internet exchange points in Europe - DE-CIX in Frankfurt, Equinix in Paris, LINX in London, AMS-IX in Amsterdam and Ronix and Interlan in Bucharest.

It is the well connected with multiple fiber routes, coming to 3 separate meet-me-rooms via diverse physical paths. All fiber optic networks in Bulgaria are present in Sofia Data Center. Those include more than 50 cables. SDC is a natural connectivity hub of international telecoms, local telco operators and fiber networks alike. The presence of multiple carriers helps customers build redundancy and resilience, which is an essential necessity for the business continuity. SDC also comes to cost-effective solutions, since there is a natural market competition inside a carrier-neutral data centre.

All Bulgarian Internet service provides are interconnected here. Over 15 of the largest international operators are colocated in SDC. Direct connectivity to Romania, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia and Serbia. Reaches Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia via Black Sea. Connected to the submarine cable systems SEA-ME-WE 3 and MedNautilus, reaching Asia and Africa.

Here are some specs: Total area: 700 sq.m. Floor height: 3,5 m Raised floor: 0,5 m Independent incoming cable lines for external connections to each MMR: 2 Independent routes for communication cables coming from MMR: 2 Independent sources of electric power supply with the ability to absorb 100% of the loading: 2

Electric generators: 1+1 2 Fully independent UPS systems VESDA® (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) Fire extinguishing system: Inergen IG-55 Seismic protection: 9 in MSK scale 24-hour security Computer access control Video surveillance Individual locks for each drawer All systems at SDC - power supply and the following parameters - electric switchboard, UPS and air-conditioning system are under constant monitoring.

Built in Free Cooling Air Conditioning System, which uses less power and lower ambient air temperature. The system introduces greater quantities of fresh air which also improves the air quality. This enables the system to lower precision cooling system energy usage from 30% in the summer up to 50% in the cooler fall and winter months. .

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