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We believe that it's still hard for beginners to get started with Crypto! Qyno comes to solve that once and forever! We as an official QYNO partner have an exclusive MasterNode hosting offer for the QYNO community!

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Exclusive offers for the QYNO community!

Get use of our high-end VPS plans to host your QYNO masternode today!

New Signup Bundle

  • 25GB SSD Samsung Premium Storage
  • 1 GB DDR4 memory
  • 1 TB Traffic

€5 / Month€ 10 Month

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What is QYNO?

Qyno project's goal is the development of tools and products that can allow everyone acces to faster, safer, anonymous, and near-zero cost financial products and services. Having meticulously studied and tested existing blockchain-based financial products and networks, we created Qyno with the aim of becoming a reference in the blockchain financial services sector after concluding that others fail to deliver on the goals which are our vision.

QNO picks up where BTC left off. Due to it's elegant masternode architecture, low cost of use, and instantaneous transaction capabilities, global adoption of QNO will be rapid and steep.

Adopt Qyno right now. Start earnig a passive income by running a Qyno masternode.

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