Offshore Hosting

22 January 2017


The offshore hosting is absolutely nothing but hosting your internet site , data or application to Datacenter location away from your place of origin. Generally there are many factors for taking your hosting offshore, purposes like hosting copyrighted content, DMCA content , adult content , Hacking websites and warez hosting are few among them. Generally there are servers that host a web site except its located in another country. A lot of people use this because it is much harder to shut down legally and harder to contact. Offshore hosting is frequently used to host or promote things that are illegitimate, forbidden or banned in their own countries. For instance, Poker and casino is forbidden in India and other Asian region, and to host these websites/content, there is no other alternative than offshore hosting to an Asian customer. Depending on the websites that you wish to run, and your specific requirements, you need to choose which offshore hosting package is actually required. Following are the types of offshore hosting packages.


The Offshore Shared hosting is the most affordable and common solution in offshore hosting. This makes it possible for multiple users to take advantage of shared resources of a physical dedicated server to publish their web site and create online presence. CyberHour offshore shared hosting packages are bundled up with a wide array of features and a powerful control pane. STARTING AT JUST $3.95/MONTH


Offshore VPS hosting is a combination package of shared hosting and dedicated servers. In case of a Virtual Private Server ( VPS ), a single physical dedicated server is separated into multiple virtual private servers offering guaranteed RAM and CPU. We have actually deployed hundreds of offshore vps servers for our customers. CyberHour’s offshore VPS hosting packages are the best in the market due to our complete understanding on customer’s needs. Our offshore SSD VPS plans costs less, works a lot faster and more reliable than any other offshore VPS providers. How come? Well , our dedicated servers are powered by high-end CPU , RAM & Samsung SSD disks with 100 & 200Mbps premium International bandwidth and supplied with 500Gbps DDOS protection.



The Offshore Dedicated Hosting is a ideal option for businesses that attract hundreds or thousands of visitors or run mission essential applications. It’s a physical machine which offers dedicated resources as opposed to offshore shared or offshore VPS option. With dedicated hosting, client has full control of the server. They can choose any type of Operating System, Control Panel and more. CyberHour own and manages multiple dedicated servers with choice for operating systems as per requirement of a customer. Regardless if its a single dedicated server, clustering or a load balanced architecture, CyberHour has team of experts to offer 24/7 support and 99.99% uptime guarantee.