OpenVZ vs KVM – The Great VPS Debate

“KVM or OpenVZ , which virtualization is better?” This is the most asked question from customers who are looking for Virtual Private Servers. What they should do first is to compare Disk Space and RAM, and then to look between the virtualization type. There are many options to go for , like Xen, Hyper-V, VMware, […]

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How to create a morphing content effect

1.Page Documen Initiate the project with the creation of the HTML document structure. This consists of the head for storing descriptions and links to external resources, while the body section contains the visible page content. In this example, wealso hafe the main container within the body – which is where the content elements for steps […]

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What web skills should you learn?

Industry experts reveal what web developers need to learn to stay relevant in 2017. There’s no shortage of libraries frameworks and languages to learn. It can eb difficult for web designers and developers to choose their progression parth. There are so many, it is simply impossible to learn them all. You head would explode and you […]

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How to choose the Right Marketing Campaign

choose marketing campaign

Digital marketing is a broad term that can mean anything from posting an image of your product on Facebook to crafting an email subject line to optimizing a blog post for search engine traffic. Digital marketing involves many seemingly disconnected tactics, and that’s what makes this chapter so important.

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How to Increase Conversions By Modifying the 404 Error Page

A few days back, we talked about optimizing many thank you pages for increased ROI & we are extending the series by sharing optimization suggestions to increase conversions from your 404 pages. Have you been finding conversions decrease after users stumble across a 404 error page? The 404 page can actually count for a great [...]

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How to Avoid the Google Sandbox Effect

Hopefully you are finding this article because you are planning to launch your first website and not because you are concerned you are in the Google Sandbox. In either case, here are the top 3 ways to avoid the Google Sandbox effect. Duplicate Content Launching a brand new website with duplicate content or content that […]

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