24 Oct 2016


CyberHour provides reliable and comprehensive protection against DDoS attacks. Depending on the needs and nature of the client’s traffic, we offer a security solution through a cloud platform, our specialized hardware equipment and a combination of a cloud platform and hardware.

The service is intended for business clients (banking and financial institutions, online media, online games, online stores, web sites, and so on) and for ISPs.



A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack is an endeavour towards bringing a network resource(server) down so that users can’t visit a particular site. DDoS attacks are carried out to target a host and interfere or pause (sometimes stop) its services. Generally, two or more persons, or bots send the DDoS attacks. On an average, more than 27 attacks are performed every hour in 2014. As the popularity of these attacks is growing day by day, many attackers are coming in and the cost to doing such attacks is quite low. It does not require any super hardwares or softwares so even low-level hackers are often caught in such attacks.


CyberHour.com provides a venture class DDoS protection services against of all known DDoS attacks and makes solid firewall between your site (or server) and whatever remains of the web. Mitigate insidious Layer 7 threats with our Application Firewall Service, providing access to Human Analysis (HBA) is the only technology capable of mitigating Layer 7 HTTP attacks with near 100% accuracy. All movement to your site (or server) should first pass through our branded DDoS protected proxy before it is sent on. This guarantees that just clean traffic achieves its proposed end of the line.

Down time is no longer an inconvenience. It can do really serious harm to your brand, your productivity and your bottom line. Every single minute your network is offline is a minute you can’t connect with customers or partners. That’s why targeted denial of service DDoS attacks must be stopped. And CyberHour can help. With CyberHour DDoS Mitigation, we provide network-based, ‘always-on’ and on-demand protection with 24 x 7 monitoring.


Very Low Latency for any application / game server. Best DDoS protection for any application / game server of the market. Really smooth performance. Awesome performance during a DDoS Attacks. Secure against 99.9% of the known DDoS Attack. 200Mbps Premium Bandwidth. PROTECTED WEB HOSTING. The Best DDoS Protected Offshore Web Hosting.

Fast and reliable performance. Amazing stability under DDoS Attacks. Auto botnet mitigation. (HDS – “Human Detection System”). Automatic setup in 5 minutes.. Protected against all known DDoS Attacks. Cpanel is available together with a very secure environment.

The main reason is that we are leaders in providing the Best DDoS Protection Services for all known DDoS Attacks with our premium level DDoS Mitigation systems, keeping your online business up and running.

We have specializing in develop our Cloud DDoS Mitigation technology daily, improving it day by day, to become the most up to date and high quality and trusted by thousands DDoS Protected offshore hosting services provider.

Our HPP(Hyper Protected Port) reduce the lag – delay (latency), that cause dramatically improvement to your application / game server reliability and quality, making it smooth, getting to be suitable for any project.

Great network capacity to absorb 500Gbps DDoS attacks.

Stable & powerful DDoS protection ( DDOS mitigation) system for your applications / website or game servers.

DDOS protection is used for : Social network applications (Facebook, Twitter, Google+), Mobile Online Applications (iOS / Android / WP), Server-Client applications (Web Server, FTP, Mail Server), Game Servers and so on !

Extremely Low false positive rate during DDoS Mitigation. Actually is less than -1%

What are you waiting to boost and ensure your business stability on the online market !? Place your order right now, and release your self from the online threats !

** CyberHour DDOS protection – detects and stops DDoS attacks before they impact your business**

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