WordPress SEO optimization - SEO By Yoast plugin tutorial


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For our customers websites we use the most recommended wordpress seo plugin called SEO By Yoast. The same is user friendly and most easiest seo plugin available today with both free and paid version.

SEO By Yoast allows you to create SEO friendly content for your website.
The first thing you need to do is install SEO by Yoast on your WordPress site.

1. Login to your WordPress Dashboard.
2. Click on Plugins
3. At the top of the screen click on Add New
4. In the search field type Yoast SEO
5. It should be the first plugin that comes up. Click on the Install Now button

After you've installed SEO by Yoast, inside the publish box of your posts and pages you will now see your SEO status.
1. Green means everything is good.
2. Red means your content it's really bad in terms of SEO
3. Yellow is Ok. Keep in mind that you need to write your content for people so in the end it needs makes sense and be easy to read, this means that sometimes you need to sacrifice a green circle for a yellow one.
4. Orange is not as bad as red but still needs fixing.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page or post you will see that you now have a WordPress SEO by Yoast box.

The Snippet Preview shows you how your page or post will show up in Google. The heading writing is obtained from the SEO Title box and the writing below it is obtained from the Meta description box.

The focus keyword is the word you want to rank for.
It is important that you mention your focus keyword in all of the below locations so that your page or post receives a good SEO status.

1 In the SEO Title in the Yoast Box.
2. In the Meta Description in that Yoast Box.
3. In the page or post title.
4. In the URL address
5. Multiple times within the content.
6. Within 1 or 2 of your Header Tags (H1, H2)
7. Inside your Alt Tag. If you do not have an image inserted into your post or page you can add your focus keyword inside the Alt Tag of your Featured Image.

Just for those who don't know the Alt Text is, the Alt Text that is shown when an image cannot be found, you can also sometimes see it in a little yellow box when you hover your mouse over an image. In terms of SEO, crawlers cannot actually see images so they use the Alt Text to determine what the images about.

Now scroll back down to the WordPress SEO by Yoast box and near the top of the box you will see Page Analysis. Now if you click on it, you are shown all the things that you have done well and all the things you can improve on. Again, yellows are not so bad and even though I sometimes have a few yellows, I managed to get an overall score of Green.

If you have any Reds or any Oranges you definitely need to make some changes but if you have readable and nicely structured content and if you place your Focus Keyword in the places I listed above then you shouldn't have a problem.

It is important to keep in mind that SEO By Yoast is just a guide and just because you have a Green overall SEO status on every single page, it doesn't mean that you will rank on the first page of Google. The guide the plugin provides will help you create a see a friendly content so it is possible for you to rank on the first page of Google if you combine it with the other SEO ranking factors.


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Great tutorial @NetFreak !

I'm using SEO by Yoast - SEO plugin for WordPress and indeed helps to get the things done easier.
Although I believe that the plugin does only around the 20% of the WordPress SEO optimization .

You still need to do your homework and on/off page optimization with unique and user friendly content, quality backlinks etc.

What is more important is the loading speed of the wordpress website , here comes @CyberHour team , they do provide the fastest seo hosting in Europe.

My pages loads worldwide for 0.8 to 1.2sec which is amazing!!!
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