Why should I pick CyberHour?

Hello to everyone all of you.

First of all I wants acknowledge what I wants host with CH. I wanna host 5 WordPress websites with huge database (50k posts each site), so you can get the picture that my database is huge. I need VPS which can handle things smoothly and fastest way possible.

But before you say something I wanna state that I DO NOT want dedicated server. Why? Because vultr.com's ($40/month) was handling the setup smoothly. But I had to leave vultr due to few DMCA complaints (5 or 6 per month).

Anyway later I joined offshore-servers.com's $67 plan, but I had to quit because of poor performance (CPU was a 6 years old & SSD Both were poor). After that I bought alexhost.com's 50€ plan but I had to get a refund from them because the CPU was a decade old. Finally I bought offshorededi.net's €50 plan which I am currently using.

Currently I have - Intel Xeon E5-2670 @ 2.60GHz which performance is 50% slower what I had with Vultr, but better compared to offshore-servers and alexhost.

But as you can guess I am still not satisfied with them. So, I am googling for a week to find a good host with a premium performance. Since I have large database so basically what I am looking for is Fastest Clocked CPU as possible & Fastest SSD as possible.

My minimum requirement for VPS is:

1) Fastest Clocked CPU as possible (newest)
2) 4 core or 6 core CPU
3) 6GB RAM
4) 60GB Fastest SSD as possible.
5) Premium bandwidth (3 or 4 TB)
6) Ubuntu 16.04

I don't care about any other things I don't even want them (like DDOS Protection). As you can guess I am looking for a host who have quality performance. So, can cyberhour can fulfil my requirements?
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Hello Mike,

We are glad to see you on the board!

We are sorry to hear that you had performance issue with the mentioned providers. Unfortunately , users still don't understand that what matters is not the amount of advertised CPU cores but the Frequency .

As a provider is not enough to claim high performance and stability of the service if the hardware is decade old (even if it was premium hardware on that time) . That's why we're reinvesting a large percentage of our income for hardware upgrades.

Our KVMs are running on nodes with the following specifications:

CPU : Intel® Xeon® Processor E3 v6 Family
SSD : Samsung Enterprise SSD in RAID 10

Although would be good to know the daily traffic of these sites , and if your websites are properly optimized (as that is important), we are recommending you to take a look over our KVM Business plan

With the possibility of adding additional Storage and RAM.

The truth is that without testing live we won't be able to say exactly how much resources you will need.

Another option would be to split the websites on two servers.

In regards to the DMCA complains, kindly PM us with more details.

Best Regards,
CyberHour LTD
I want to say this to the people who are looking for performance.

CyberHour is the best if you seek performance. Although it's little bit costly from other competitor, but remember you get what you pay!

If you seek cheap server (a decade old with 1.5Ghz clock) then CH is NOT for you.

But if you seek performance offshore VPS then CyberHour is BEST. Period. I'm using Xeon CPU (3.7Ghz) and the performance is incredible.

I am currently using CyberHour's KVM VPS Business Plan, and trust me the performance is mind blowing. Although it lacks a good uplink (speedtest result were 60mbps only ) & bandwidth (3tb might not be enough for everyone). But I don't care about it because I use CDN. So, everything routed them.

So, my CyberHour rating would be:

Performance: 5/5
Value for Money: 4.5/5
Hey @mike8798
Indeed CH is my first choice for years now. Still to find offshore provider with better performance.

For the speedtest, what location you have tested? I'm getting 90-100Mbps to london.

As far I know, all VPS plans come with 100Mbps. If I remember well CH also offers 200Mbps premium bandwidth speeds, which based on your tested location should be anything between 160 to 190Mbps.

@CyberHour I'm right?
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