Why CyberHour.com is the best Codeigniter web hosting choice!


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Best web hosting for codeigniter framework

Firstly lets explain what is CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter is blazing fast , free,an open source php framework used by developers to create powerful web based applications. CodeIgniter comes with rich libraries. CodeIgniter speedup the developer work and it has short learning curve versus other frameworks.

What are the benefits of using CodeIgniter for PHP Website Development?

CodeIgniter provides large set of libraries which come in handy when you have limited time to finish the project.
The CodeIgniter libraries structure is simple and really easy to understand which again, minimizes the amount of required code.
The PHP framework is fast (and we mean really fast) and lightweight versus other php frameworks.
With Codeigniter modular programs can be used easily!
It comes with the most user friendly documentation!

Why CyberHour.com is the best CodeIgniter web hosting provider to choice from?

We are using only the latest, fastest and most secure premium hardware in the hosting industry. Sure, there are many providers out there who provide SSD storage but not even half of them are investing in high-end Samsung Enterprise storage or the latest XEON CPU processors. Of course premium hardware need premium datacenter, our nodes are collocated in the best and most secure datacenter on the balkans.

With our vps hosting plans your CodeIgniter based project will load really fast!

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