Why CDN is the Best Addition to your Web Hosting?



Because there will be some confusion on the topic, let's get this clear right off the bat -- reliable and reasonably priced Web Hosting is equally as important as ever. A Content Delivery Network (CDN) does not change your hosting company, but it does boost your web site performance to the next level, providing experience excellence and innovative security.

Put another way, CDNs are a contemporary Enhancement to satisfy modern demands.

How a CDN Enhances Hosting

Your web hosting server (provider), which stores your whole website, is situated at one location. If someone wants to watch a massive file like a video on your website, their mobile or desktop browser sends a request to the hosting server of your provider for the content. If that individual happens to be on the other side of the earth, or if there is a massive volume of people trying to access your video at the same time, then it can make a bottleneck slowdown.

The result is always a media access delay (called latency) might only be an additional five seconds, but modern users are extremely impatient. Google research has proven that 53% of people will abandon a site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. That is a huge reduction in potential small business revenue.

With video, animation, and other large Media files being increasingly popular these days, you begin to find that conventional hosting struggles to keep up with the content delivery that a contemporary worldwide audience expects.


  • The average web page size jumped from 702 kB from 2010 to 2,409 kB in 2016. That's a huge 248% increase in data, and also the figure must be a lot greater in 2021. Traditional hosting simply can not deal with today's global data demand for data-rich media, delivered at 3-second rates.
  • By 2021, global IP networks will take care of a million min (17,000 hours) of video content every second.
  • About 92% of the users who watch a video are sharing it with a friend or family member.
  • The typical user spends 88 percent more time onto a website with video.
  • Adding video to a landing page can increase your conversions by 80% or even more.

This is where CDNs step in to fill the gap. They are made up of numerous'border servers' spread throughout the world, which store (cache) elements of your website. The beauty is that you can even choose and change which parts they cache.

Situated at tactical Points of Presence (PoP) where you will find notable amounts of visitors (people accessing sites from their browsers), the advantage servers are able to deliver static content to individuals closest to their location, eliminating latency delays.

Benefits of CDN

CDNs are not only boosting your web site speeds. There are a number of important reasons why modern businesses find them extremely valuable:

Enhance website performance

An Excellent CDN will even give your Company advanced performance, such as HTTP2, which divides data into an efficient binary form. You'll also get the capability to control your site content, such as Instant Purge (easily clear exactly what the edge servers keep to make quick updates) and Intelligent Cache (the most appropriate data files to meet traffic demand are stored automatically).

Joyful Customers mean returning clients. It is hard enough these days to stand out from the online noise in a worldwide digital playing area. Businesses, particularly smaller ones with less marketing budget than the Big Guys, need every edge they can get to keep the clients they attract.

Lower hosting prices

You are Distributing the traffic load using a CDN, meaning website content access requests aren't all visiting your hosting server . The broader spread of social media documents helps to reduce the load on your initial host when it comes to a lot of users opening your site. A quality CDN will also automatically reduce the file sizes of your daily website content, such as HTML and text, which further enhances your bandwidth. So your website can handle a greater visitor quantity. The result is you will want a hosting plan, setting off an upgrade.

Stamp out modern cyber threats

Say Great riddance to DDoS risks , where offenders slow or crash your website using a flood of fake traffic. With Supersonic CDN, you get this safety increase even with the free edition. All paid plans add advanced Internet Application Firewall protection, which protects your site against most of the most significant modern threats that regular safety does not catch, like SQL injections. Learn more: CDN WAF Explained: Newbies & Advanced Users.

Improve website ranking

Experience, so that they rank quickly sites higher than slower ones. Their Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst, John Mueller, recommends load rate be no more than two to three seconds. That means you're able to give your site an automatic search engine optimization increase with a CDN.
Get Much Better business intelligence.

A quality CDN gives you a more sophisticated, Real-time understanding of your site's traffic and client behaviour, all visible from a simple dashboard. This transparency is caused by the edge servers spread worldwide, in contrast to when you have one hosting server. And as every company owner knows, more clarity brings better growth decisions.

Added to fostering your website content Rate, a CDN gives online companies impressively high Return on Investment:

  • Collect loyal customers, as you can provide them attractive media such as podcasts and videos without any delays.
  • Better search positions, because Google enjoys what customers love.
  • Reduced hosting costs, because your bandwidth needs are spread out.
  • And if you've got a paid program, you receive an advanced Web Application Firewall (WAF) for more in-depth protection.
  • Stronger business intelligence all-around your site traffic, so that you can make better expansion decisions.
  • More control over your site's performance, with a range of attributes like automatic CDN caching to suit your unique traffic.

And you are not tied into a contract. Upgrade or downgrade at any moment. We also provide a Free Plan, which means you may give it a try before you buy.

Many CDNs are geared to big organizations that negotiate an affordable, tailored contract rate based on high traffic volumes. And most CDN providers charge a set cost per GB utilized, which is not helpful to startups and smaller businesses who should calculate strict budgets.
One Final point to mention. Supersonic CDN is presently rolling out only to CyberHour customers, as a co-creation beta version. This implies We are very eager to hear from you regarding your experience, so we can continue to Streamline the ceremony. Supersonic CDN, please tell me what you think.


I'm using custom CDN to boost the loading speeds from countries like Japan and Australia which are way too far from Europe/Asia and USA.