What you should NOT host on CyberHour's network

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Dear users,

Because we know that reading Terms is boring, we decided to create this thread in order to point what content is forbidden on our Network.
(Keep on mind that using our services you agree to follow and respect our Terms)

The following activities are strictly prohibited!

- Bulk emailing , Email marketing ( Sending of commercial unwanted emails or advertising). If the IP address(es) get blacklisted or there is mass mailing (at rate more than 5000 emails per hour (on Virtual Private Server) we will block port 25 and/or suspend the service.

- Email headers spoofing and/or Forging

- Running daemon/server which has the ability to send anonymous unwanted emails.

- Any type of spam materials, files or services related to spam.

- BitTorrent protocol, crypto mining or any software that consumes more IO or CPU than we consider a normal server usage.

- Spread or usage of malicious software, which includes but is not limited to : Trojan horses, Viruses, Worms.

- Phishing site or software

- All kind of hacking or cracking activity which includes but is not limited to : network attacks , taking advantage of exploits or backdoors, any kind of security breach, ratting , scanning network ports or systems, scanning other systems security, spoofing of TCP/UDP package headers, DDOS attacks and all kind of intercepting, reading or accessing any data which is not meant to be accessed by you.

- Running bot nets or xDCC and IRC spam

The following activity is allowed but we reserve the right to terminate the services in cases of abuse:
- Internet Relay Chat (IRC), if been used for unlawful purposes.
- Proxy servers or reverse proxy, if being used for unlawful purposes.
- Tor if used for illegal activities or content.

The violation of one or more of the terms may result in termination of the service without any issue of refund or prior notice!

CyberHour is leading offshore hosting provider with high privacy protection in Europe. CyberHour is your friend - not your enemy. It's up to you , how far our friendship will go!

Best Regards,
CyberHour LTD
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