What is Web Hosting? Explained!


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You may wonder what is web hosting? Today we are going to explain everything you will need to know about offshore web hosting. At the end of this post you will be ready to decide which suits your needs. Good? let's get started.

Let's start from the basics, think for webhosting as your website home. If you are about to launch your website, you'll need to host it somewhere in order to be accessible from others. Now, there are many types of web hosting services, we have Virtual Private Server (VPS), Reseller hosting, Shared Hosting and Dedicated hosting.

Since shared hosting is most popular and most affordable we will focus on it, should we?

What is webhosting? Webhosting is basically the network and computer infrastructure that keeps your web site available across the net. Except for the host of the website, it also provides other services like e-mail for you.

But how hosting works? Well everything starts with a node (server) , what is server? Servers are powerful computers which are located in a very high-end and secure facility called data center. The datacenter is a building which is secure, have a anti-fire, temperature control, high network speeds and 100% power supply.

To manage your webhosting you'll need access to very user-friendly dashboard called cPanel (control panel) , from the cPanel dashboard you are able to manage your domains, databases, emails and more.

With CyberHour's shared hosting you are getting access to an easy website builder, with the web site builder you are able to create your website using pre-made themes. Of course, we also support the popular WordPress,Joomla , Magento CMS's.

CyberHour's shared hosting comes with antivirus and malware scanner which you can use to keep your data safe and virus free. With our anti-spam software and data backup, you can eliminate email spam and keep backup of your files.

Alright, this was a quick tutorial to web hosting! Hope that will be useful for you and your future hosting decisions.

Okay! Thanks very much for your time!

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