What is offshore vps hosting?


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All websites have to be hosted somewhere. There are multiple ways to get your website online. There is offshore shared hosting services, offshore VPS (virtual private servers) and of course, dedicated hosting etc.

The choices and solutions for how an organisation and individuals want their website hosted are almost endless. Because of that many options, a lot of people get lost in the differences.

Let's take the standard offshore web hosting solution - the shared hosting one. This type of web hosting allows website owners to host their website in a different country than they or their business is located. There are several vital reasons that such type of hosting has its advantages.

Not every individual or organisation feels that they need to protect their online privacy, but in the spying and monitoring era we are living , a little anonymity is a good! And this is what offshore web hosting providers. Generally speaking the offshore laws allows better privacy of individuals and their data. It is well known that Offshore web hosting help the prevention of identity theft and adds additional layer of protection.

Been anonymous online supports your right of free speech! If you are a person who would like to share information or thoughts with the world, you may risk upsetting your government, another company or an individual with strong and deep pockets.

Your local web hosting provider can block your website if the content is not acceptable for them, the government or a specific individual with extra power and connections. All that can be avoided with offshore hosting provider.
Hosting offshore is often used for promotion of things that are forbidden in a specific countries. For example, Casino and Poker is banned in some Asian countries and India, and in order to host such websites, there is not other option than the offshore hosting.
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