SimilarWeb for backlink building program


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I'm new to online marketing and trying to come up with some effective strategies. One such strategy involves identifying "role model" sites that attract a similar demographic to that which we're targeting and have a high degree of relevance. In some cases these sites may be competitors, but not necessarily. For example; we're selling jewellery, but a site that sells clothing and attracts fashionistas of the same demographic we're targeting is a valid "role model" site.

Once I've identified such a site, I look at the total traffic, % that is referral, and then the top referrers (with percentages) on This gives me sites that I can target for backlinks with indicative referral traffic (at least for the target I'm reviewing). The idea being that I should be able to prioritise to target sites that drive the highest levels of traffic and ultimately deliver some of that traffic to my site.

I also expect that my SEO will benefit from this campaign, as I'd hope that any sites delivering good volumes of relevant traffic should itself have good domain authority.

I am however coming unstuck a little when reviewing potential "role model" sites on SimilarWeb. An example is; a clothing brand in Bali. According to SimilarWeb, ALL of their referral traffic is coming from a consumer electronics site. This; apart from not making any sense is also completely contradicted by other tools such as Alexa and Moz which show a much more believable list of backlinks.

My questions are; is SimilarWeb simply wrong and I shouldn't be relying on it? Is there another tool that will report % of referral traffic from each referrer?


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Tools like SimilarWeb and Alexa do not have access to a site's analytics. They really are just making guesses about the traffic. They'll get some info from people who have plugins installed on their browser, but that is about the limit of their data gathering.

I would not believe everything they tell you.