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Should I buy GSA search engine ranker?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization and Site Promotion' started by CoolGuy, Jun 9, 2017.

  1. CoolGuy

    CoolGuy New Member

    I am new to SEO game and I am learning it through hours over the most forums and testing and looking into software. So greatly I discovered this SEO discussion forum here and it is very active. Also, I have a couple questions?

    Is it worth me purchasing GSA (GSA search engine ranker) or would it be advisable for me to simply keep on building my backlinks in natural way?

    I read that some guys are using article spinner software to create content and submitting them to build backlinks. But it is very time consuming and am sure if it's worth taking the risk of using an automated seo software to cheat the game.

    Please advice!
  2. Potter

    Potter New Member

    GSA is one of the best spam tools out there. If you have a plan and it involves using spam, then it's great. I wouldn't use it on any site i care about and never, ever on a client's site.

    For churn and burn projects it can be useful.

    Not something I would recommend for a beginner though.

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