Do you believe Goldgate is SCAM?

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Hello folks,

I have come across another Crypto Lending Program with the superb name GoldGate.

So lets begin with some info we have here:

Website: Gold Gate
Total Coin Supply: 26,000,000(BGG)
ICO Coin Supply: 7,800,000(BGG)
ICO Start Date: 26/11/2017
Term Length: 50 to 199 Days
Daily Interest: Up to 48% Monthly
Investment Type: Trading Bot
Status: Pre ICO starts at 00:00 UTC 26th Nov

What is Gold Gate Coin?
GOLDGATE (BGG) aims to create a lending platform built on trust and reputation with the Ethereum ecosystem.

Security is the first priority within our decentralized platform. We utilize the popular Ethereum blockchain technology allowing other developers to join seamlessly and without worry.

GOLDGATE (BGG) contributes to redefining the core trends of cryptocurrency in the present and future to generate positive changes inthe way that crypto is viewed & admitted in the next 5 to 10 years.


  • 26th Nov–1st Dec – $1
  • 2nd Dec–11th Dec – $1.25
  • 12th Dec–21st Dec – $1.50
  • 22nd Dec–31st Dec – $1.75
With Lending and Stacking program.

Up to 48% per month of interest.

Reasons Why GoldGate is Accused of Being a Scam By Some

The whole vibe and structure of GoldGate is like a traditional MLM (Multi Level Marketing) “business opportunity.” Some people say that the pyramid-like structure of GoldGate and other MLMs is literally what a Ponzi scheme is (it mashes up a confusing referral program with a cult-like vibe).

The more people you refer, the bigger your bonus gets. This multi-tired pyramid like structure is common to almost all MLMs.

MLMs tend to do live events full of hype and no substance. GoldGate does this.

MLMs alway use buzzwords like freedom, stability, independence, etc. They call you a company and a business. They make you feel like you are a successful business person. GoldGate uses this gambit. As an actual business person, this has always rubbed me the wrong way. Real business opportunities require hard work, lambos are something that people in rap videos and people with trust funds have. I’m not saying that a business owner won’t blow a bunch of money on a lambo, I’m only saying that when you work hard for your money you tend to spend it on more sensible things (like Bitcoin itself).

With GoldGate , your returns are guaranteed. However, to get this guaranteed return you have to lend out your GoldGate tokens. So you trade your GoldGatefor tokens called GoldGate (BGG), then you lock up your money by lending it, then you get USD back daily (they say you get USD, but the way the PoS mining works… it really seems like you get BGG back). This is all handled from within GoldGate platform. I tried to Google around and find someone who had gotten a payout, but I just found a bunch of odd comments trying to get people to use their referral link.

Social Media : NONE
Team behind: NONE
Investors: NONE

I will be more than happy to edit my post if you guys can prove me wrong.

Please let me know what you think about BGG. Do you beliee that Goldgate is scam or not?