nVidia GTX Titan V have been released and there are rummos that GTX Titan V hashrate is over 3.5k on 250W.

NVidia introduced its new Titan V GPU, which the company heralds as the “world’s most powerful GPU for the PC.” The Titan V graphics card is targeted at scientific calculations and simulation, and very clearly drops any and all “GTX” or “gaming” branding.

The Titan V hosts 21.1B transistors (perspective: the 1080 Ti has 12B, P100 has 15.3B), is capable of driving 110TFLOPS of Tensor compute, and uses the Volta GPU architecture. We are uncertain of the lower level specs, and do not presently have a block diagram for the card. We have asked for both sets of data.

The Titan V is a supercomputing card, a good fit for the present machine learning focus of Volta. The Titan V uses the same Tensor Core design as detailed with the V100 announcement, and also moves to combine L1 cache and shared memory, which should make development (particularly CUDA/tensor software) easier to undertake.

The price of the nVidia GTX Titan V is 2999 USD.


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Although the Titan V come with more cube cores I believe that the mentioned hashrate of GTX Titan V will be for Monero and I believe that will be around ~2.8k

In regards to Equahash algos it should be around 950-1020 sols on the mentioned ~250-300w

For that power consumption and price tag I still believe that 2xGTX 1080TI are still beasts in regards to Equahash and ROI :D
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