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Learn how to Earn money from youtube ?

Discussion in 'General Internet Marketing' started by CastBound, Jun 10, 2017.

  1. CastBound

    CastBound New Member

    Hello folks,

    Here is a method in which I will explain you how you can earn money from Youtube when you don't have any channel or video over youtube.

    Create a Affiliate Account over any Aff Store or if you are existing Affiliate you can look for a good offer which is converting good , you can also help with your Affiliate Manager regarding that.

    Now you can search over Youtube for the videos which are having good number of likes , Views and comment.

    These videos should be in the niche which you are going to target.

    Draft a mail for the owner of youtube channel along with your offer per sale which you will getting from the link which channel owner will be placing in his/her video description.

    You can also offer channel owner a min fee / month for placing your aff link in his / her channel video description.

    We are working over this and getting some good response from youtube channel owners and quick good bucks from affiliate offers.

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