Is Domain Extension Important?!

Afro head

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Hello everyone,

In my adventures of the web, people are always trying to buy up .com domains. I've asked some people why does everyone go for .com Is it really that big of a deal? I've gotten responses like its important to have .com because everyone uses .com or it makes your website look professional. I have to stop right there because if you break down a link its just a url to go to a page. Why so much pressure on its extension? If you have .com, .org, .net, .us,, I can't possibly believe a .com makes a webpage look more professional only because the purpose of the extension is to abbreviate the type of website it is catagorized under which honestly nobody really cares about because once your on the page your there to do whatever the website offers.

In case you did not know here is a small breakdown of what they are short for.
.com - Commerical
.org - Organization
.net - Network
.gov - Government
.us - United States
.bz - Belzie
.co - Colombia

I think the extension should only matter if you want other countries to see your website other then that. In my opinion I could care less if your a domain or sub-domain or whatever your extension is . What matters to me in the end is your website good or not!