Instagram Hashtags


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Hey friends,

I'm trying to get a better grip on how instagram hashtags drive traffic.

I understand you want to use hashtags that relate to niches or interest groups, but how specifically?
For example, if you are marketing for a brand with two interest groups in mind should you use both sets of hashtags or would it be better to centralize the hashtags because one will dilute the other?

Also, I've seen sights for getting top hashtags.

How does that work exactly? Should you just copy and paste those exactly after you type in a specific word or what?

If anyone has specific answers or general knowledge about this subject that would be much appreciated! Thanks


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Hello Potter,
Since I'm doing lot of social marketing I can tell you that there is no specific way to use hashtags.

You can use something like "Check this new #fashion #tshirt for #summer 2017 etc etc.
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