Important : cPanel license price increase


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Dear users,

As you may already know on 26th June 2019 cPanel announced new licensing model which leads to price increase on their license plans.
The new cPanel licensing is account based and so there is NO unlimited accounts plan available anymore.

The new cPanel licensing is based on the number of sub-accounts on your server.

How to reduce the number of cPanel accounts?
Below we will give you few tips on how to reduce the number of your cPanel accounts and so to reduce the licensing cost.

#1. Review your accounts
Prior the cPanel licensing model that did not matter. It's highly possible that you have some old cPanel sub-accounts which are not in use anymore, so now is the right time to remove them. Make sure that you have back them up, just in case!

#2. Use addon domains
Using addon domains with cPanel helps reducing the needs of more sub-accounts, and since the new cPanel licensing is based on the NUMBER OF SUB-ACCOUNTS, addon and alias domains do not count!

Please note that each cPanel sub-account is actually a UNIX account and is was always proffered for the isolation that comes with it. For security purpose, it is always better to keep domains in separate sub-account. The drawback of using addon domains is that malicious scripts have access to ALL DOMAINS under the cPanel account. So, if one of your website is hacked, the hackers gains access to ALL websites under that cPanel sub-account.

#3 Replace cPanel with other Control panel

Yes, we know that cPanel is very popular and widely used. That doesn't means however that there aren't other panels which are much similar (or better for single user) alternatives available on the market.

We support and recommend for single user owner the Webuzo Panel and for multi-users DirectAdmin.

We do not recommend Plesk as cPanel alternative since both are under the same organisation hat!

cPanel VPS new prices
starting from 1st of September 2019

Number of cPanel accounts

Up to 5 : €20.00/mo
Up to 30 : €30.00/mo
Up to 100 : €45.00/mo
Up to 125 : €50.00/mo
Up to 150 : €55.00/mo
Up to 175 : €60.00/mo
Up to 200 : €70.00/mo

Best Regards,
CyberHour TM