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How to remove negative Facebook Review?


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Do you fellas have any experience with the removal of a facebook negative review?

Got a local store with 100 x 5 stars, and received 1 x 1 start with a bad comment. That was kinda our staff's fault but still, we sorted it out with that customer. He didn't feel like taking it down after we sorted it out, and we didn't want to ask him to do so. We wanted the removal / edit to be by his choice .

I was thinking about using the Report review feature. > "This has nothing to do with this page!"

I did it 10 times I think over the past month, but nothing happened. I'm now thinking of asking some of my friends to do that as well.

Its annoying as Fu** . only 5 stars reviews, awesome comments , and that shitty review is always second . Even if since then that facebook fage received 10-15 new reviews.

I googled facebook review removal services. but didn't find any . For various sites seems that these kind of services do exist ( yelp, amazon etc)

Let me know if you think of anything else,
Thank you