How to make money with Amazon affiliate

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You've probably heard it before, I have numerous times and it never seems to go away - In fact I hear it at least once a week, usually from struggling marketers who fail to recognize their own incompetence when it comes to making money online.

"You can't make any decent money with Amazon," they say.

It makes me smile, sometimes I get this uncontrollable giggle - which makes me look pretty silly if am in a public place!

Seriously though, most of the people who say this aren't making any decent money at all, how on earth can they sit there and make assumptions about a method of earning money, when it's a better method than the one they're using is beyond me.

Here's another one, " You can only make money on Amazon at Christmas time."

My answer = bulls**t!

Granted, you can make a lot more money during the holiday season, of course you can, but to say that it's the only time to make money through the Amazon affiliate programme is just plain wrong - you can make money online through Amazon at any time of the year if you follow a good and sensible strategy.

You see, a lot of people sign up to be an affiliate and throw up a couple of poorly written reviews, while others simply copy and paste the reviews from Amazon itself - I mean, Hello!

How in the right mind do you expect to be successful doing this?

Some other non too sensible marketers will purchase a flashy piece of software that will set them up a website full of Amazon products in minutes - all complete with content, correct prices and a flashy web-template to show of their work.


They will usually pay a premium price for this as well and within a month or so, usually sooner, they will realize that they are not earning and give up.

"Amazon's crap," they say..

NO - Your strategy was crap, Amazon is pretty amazing and one of the easiest ways to earn online, trust me on this people.

If you have ever tried to earn through Amazon before and failed, then you was probably doing it wrong, you might of even been one of those above who I am making fun at.

It doesn't matter if you are, you don't even need to admit, just accept that you got it wrong and move on from there - we all make mistakes after all.

Right, me being the type of guy I am, ( Big headed get ) I’m going to show you how to be a successful Amazon affiliate right here on this blog, no fancy gimmicks, software or any other crap.

All you need is $5000 and you get all the secrets straight away..

What Colin - You freaking serious?

Of course am not!

As if I would charge you for this information, you're my loyal readers after all.. ( sorry, sometimes I can be an arse-hole)

I am going to share with you almost everything I know about Amazon and all the secrets and tips for being a success with it.

There's not much to it to be honest for this strategy, it's a simple process that can be broken down into the following sections:

Product Selection
Good Well-Written Review
Good Related Content
Rinse & Repeat

Before I discuss each process in a little more detail, I am going to presume that you already have your own website set-up. By this I mean you should have your own hosting and domain name with an about us page and various other pages, such as 'privacy and contact pages.

Don't over think the domain name, but do try to have one that is relevant to your niche.

FuNkY MoNey

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Product Selection

So you have a niche in mind and you need to find products to promote via a review on your Website.

Side note: You should choose a product, that has at least 4 star rating and a minimum price of around £40. ( $80 )

The best and easiest way to get started with Amazon is to promote new products that have just entered the marketplace or not so long ago. This will make it easier for you to rank in the search engines and also make it easier for you to get your first commission on the board.

To find new products, you have two choices.

You can either select from the drop down box on the site selecting 'New & Popular,' or, you can enter the following search term into Google.

intitle:”” “Ships from and sold by” “Appliances > Dishwashers“

You obviously replace the words "Appliances & "Dishwashers," with your own related words.

You can also narrow the above search term down by selecting the advanced search tools on the Google page and selecting the past month, this will help you to identify the newer products.

Writing Your Review

Writing your review for your Amazon product of choice should not be rushed and should provide potential readers with a wealth of information and advice on the product.

The reader will probably already have an idea of what the product is, so don't copy or re-write what has already been written on the Amazon website- this will serve no purpose to the reader.

You need to elaborate on certain features and specs that the product has and explain them in an understanding manner that answers questions that a customer would have regarding the product.

Understand that they are looking for explanations and advice on whether they are making the right choice.

How to do this.

Visit the product page on Amazon and maker a note of the features that the product has to offer. Simply write down each of the features as a title in a base outline for your review.

Your aim is to find as many features that you can that are relevant.

After you have a list of features, then you need to do your research for each one and write a paragraph or two to explain them in a way that a 10 year old could understand.

You see, most people when looking at a product they are interested in will not understand what all the features actually do or mean. They are blind to the technology and will really appreciate your review if you explain it to them in a clear manner.

You can find out all the information you need by downloading the product manual from the official site, or by emailing them your questions about the certain features and what they actually do for them.

If you do this for each feature then your review will be starting to take shape and should be about 1000 words or so for most products.

All you need to do now is look for some negative and positives of the product - yes negatives, nothing is perfect and your review will look more trustworthy if you list any negative aspects of the product.

You can find this information by reading the reviews on the Amazon product page from actual customers. Simply read them and see what people are saying about the plusses and minuses of the product.

At the end of the review should be a conclusion and your call to action to visit Amazon for a great price.

You're probably wondering why I haven't mentioned the 'Introduction,' to the review and that's because of two things.

Firstly, I want you to understand how important the introduction to your review is, and secondly, I want you to understand that the 'introduction,' should be the last thing you write in your review.

It really is a crucial part of your review and you should spend a bit of time to make sure that it's written properly and keeps your reader from clicking of the page.

Hook them in by answering or relating to a concern or problem that people would be having in relation to the product.

For example:

If you are reviewing a vacuum cleaner, then you could relate to a problem you/they could be having with stubborn dog hairs, or heavy lifting appliances.

You starting to understand?


By the time you have completed your review, then all you need to do is give it a title, which should be the product name followed by review, and publish it to your Website.

Great Related Content.

In the past and still for certain products, you could simply throw up your review and it would do well, but now things seem to work better if you build a site with numerous reviews and related content articles that inter-link to your reviews.

You don't need to produce that many, but aim for about 2-3 articles that relate to your review and publish them on your site, linking to your main review. This will add important information and also make your Website more professional looking and not thin, which Google are clamping down on.

Finding Related Content

You could answer questions that consumers are asking or explain a feature in more depth.

This is a easy way to find related content to write about.

Another good way is to compare one product against another, or even multiple products at the same time.

There are lots of different aspects that you can write about and remember that you only need to write 2-3 articles for each review - not too hard really is it?

Rinse & Repeat

Basically, that's what you do.

You rinse and repeat with more reviews and more related content linking to your reviews. The more you do, then the more you rank and the more money you potentially could make.

Obviously, there are a few other things you can do for each review to give them a boost and I fully recommend that you do.

For starters, you could create a short video review of the product and upload it to sites like Youtube and so on.

You could also create a slide-share and pdf version of the reviews and articles and upload them to the relevant sites.

This will provide you with a few backlinks and also offer you more exposure to your content.
oh, and don't forget to utilize social media sites like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter for each piece of content you write, this will also add a boost to your site.


I was going to try and cram everything I know about Amazon in this one post, but it would be too long.

I may write a few more articles on the subject over the next few weeks or so, but for now, you can use this article to get going in Amazon.

All you need to do is find a niche, find products and get writing the reviews and related content.

You could spend 1 hour per day on this and within a month you could have a good few reviews and a high possibility of earned income already in your Amazon associate account.