How to install Vesta Control Panel in 2 steps!


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VestaCP, or Vesta Control Panel is leading open-source control panel and great free alternative to cPanel. With frequent security updates it is considered very secure for commercial use.
Most webmasters are familiar only with cPanel, which may raise doubts if they have to switch to VestaCP despite its free price.

In this tutorial We will learn how to install and use VestaCP. Will try to keep it as simple as possible so even the biggest newbie can follow it.

For the tutorial we are using Virtual Private Server (VPS) from CyberHour (Of course :D) !

Step 1: Access your VPS via SSH
- Putty is great and first choice software.

Step 2: Once you get logged in to your VPS , execute the following command:

curl -O
NOTE: If your VPS OS is Ubuntu or Debian, you will need to install cURL. To do so just execute the command apt-get install curl.

Then execute the following command:
sudo bash
If you’ve done everything correctly, you should see the following screen:

During the setup VestaCP will ask if you need a list of software to be pre-installed. Type "Y" and hit Enter.
It will also ask for your email and hostname. Ensure that you write correct email address!

It will take approximately 3-5 minute to complete the installation. Once completed, you will see a screen with link/username and password.

Make sure that you keep copy of the information in safe place.
To access Vesta Control Panel open your browser and go to https://YOUR-VPS-IP !

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