How to get more unique visitors to my website?


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Hi all,

Recently I started a website hosted here on CyberHour. But have no idea how to get more traffic to the website w/o spamming...

I need to have more visitors my website, it's a website templates selling site. Can anyone give me ideas how to get leads to my site?

Thank you!


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Hello there,

Their are many ways to get more visitors on your website. But it all depends on you that you want to pay for traffic or want to make effort from yourself to generate more traffic and more new users,

First I will tell you about In-Organic traffic:- This option you have to pay for advertisement but it also depends on you, You can advertise with google adwords or on social platforms like
Facebook, google+, instagram, snapchat, pinterest.

For generating inorganic traffic, either you have to be an expert ( like an advertising agency )to get more users without spending too much on you ads, or you can hire an agency, who will do best advertisement for generating more traffic for your website.

Second method is Organic traffic :-

In this you don’t have to pay penny to get new users,Because in this option you have to do SEO for your website and you have to participate in with you competitor to get on the top of search engine result page.
You have to make your website visible through various platforms like by making page on facebook and regular posting on social websites to generate interest in you website.
In this case also if you are not expert in SEO then you can also hire a agency or an expert to Find out best keyword for you website and make you website to rank top in SERP.



You will increase your unique visitors rate with a good content and activity on social media.
Keep sharing great posts and you will build your audience soon!