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Today we will learn how to deploy Windows VPS server.

To do so you will have to own vps plan with KVM virtualization. Since Windows OS versions are not listed in the available OS list during the checkout feel free to select any Linux OS just to complete your order

NOTE: All Windows OS templates are Evaluations licensed, which means that are active for trial period of 180 days. You can extend that period up to 3 times or drop the KVM and reinstall. You can download your ISO copy directly from the official source at Microsoft Evaluation Center!

At this time we are not providing any other type of licensing. Evaluations licenses are for education test purpose and should not be used for anything else.

We don't charge extra for such licenses, our KVM plans are with fixed prices regardless of the used OS.

Once the new VPS is activated, log in to your account dashboard:

- From there select the " Manage " option next to your VPS.

- From the right slider select - "Control Panel"

Once the Control Panel is loaded.

- Click the VPS Configuration option:

- From the Popup Window - Click on the "Select ISO"

- Select the Windows Server version you want to install:

a) rvudre7oko8sxaez - for Windows Server 2012 R2 (Evaluations licensed Trial 180 days copy will be downloaded from the source)
b) kpkx3ok02kbaaxka- for Windows Server 2016 (Evaluations licensed licensed Trial 180 days copy will be downloaded from the source)

- Click Submit and then Reboot

Once your VPS reboot, it will load the Windows Server Installer.

You can now connect through VNC and complete the installation.

That's all! Enjoy your Offshore Windows VPS

If you have any issue to complete the installation, feel free to contact our support department via ticket ! We will be more than happy to assist you.

CyberHour TM

PP: Read the NOTE
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I was told that you are now offering lifetime Windows Server license with your KVM plans is that true?
A friend of mine is looking for offshore windows hosting.