[HOT] zCash forced to fork! - (ZEC) Hard Fork


zCash (ZEC) Hard Fork

zCash never had a hard fork since its launch. But seems that this will change.
The CEO of the company that developed zCash ( Zerocoin Electric Coin ) Mr. Zooko Wilcox, hindted of an incoming zCash Hard Fork. The Zooko annoucement is not new, actually he had announce it back in March on his speak to Coinbase (One of the leading crypto exchange platforms), and the Fork talk seems to be gaining traction as the GPU "ACIS" are coming closer.

For when is the zCash Fork scheduled?

The current ZEC (zCash) development stage / the sprout / is quite hard to update. The dev team has working on upgrading the software to a better one where usrs can get used to frequent system updates and of course better performance. According to Zooko, that is the main agenda of the zCash hard fork.

The development team assures the users that once the hard fork is completed, the Zcash platform will become have faster transaction while maintaining an even better level of privacy.
All the efforts of Zcash development team are directed to the Hard Fork since it is the first one since the blockchain was launched. If the transition goes on smoothly, then Zcash (ZEC) users should be ready for better and better upgrades in future.

Although hard forks are usually received with resentments from users, Zcash wishes to make this one as a form of upgrading its systems where the users will see an improvement and not feel as if they are being pushed to accept some changes which aren’t necessary.

One of the new features that devs are proud of is the introduction of the transaction expiry protocol. The expiry protocol will be automatically closing all transactions that have been queued for some time without taking effects due to factors like - user cannot pay the transaction fees. Thanks to this new feature the protocol will be able to clean it self from jam that at times comes up.