Adsense or Affiliate Marketing which is better?!

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I have been thinking about applying to get approved by Google Adsense and in doing some information gathering I have found that there are many people that recommend affiliate marketing over Adsense.

They don't really go into detail but say that affiliate marketing usually makes more money but I have also seen and read the opposite so I am confused.

Which of these is better for making the most money, is it Google Adsense or affiliate marketing?

I will not even waste my time applying for Adsense if it's not going to make good money.



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More people make more money from affiliate marketing than from Adsense for several reasons. Affiliate marketing will usually get you more money because you don't need lots and lots of clicks to make decent money.

Adsense usually needs a lot of clicks to make a good amount of money because they don't pay much for clicks except in certain things.

Affiliate marketing also doesn't require much traffic as Adsense usually does to make the same amount of money. Plus with affiliate marketing you can market without a website and use email marketing where with Adsense you can't do that.

Most of the times you are going to make more money with affiliate marketing than with Adsense but it can be good to use both on a website to kind of cover all aspects and income methods.


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I prefer Adsense since I'm not good on marketing. And still Amazon request at least some basic marketing skills .

Been Amazon affiliate or Aliexpress affiliate need to have a website on which you are basically reviewing and promoting the X-Y product which is not for me.

With adsense and depend on the website niche you can earn up to $5.00 (or more) per click! Just from your daily added content...