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  1. CyberHour

    The European offshore hosting leader now accepts STRIPE payments!

    Dear users, The amount of users who have required stripe as payment method are way too many to ignore their will. And who are we to not listen to our clients?! We are happy to announce that from 10/15/2020 CyberHour Network is including Stripe as payment method. Currently you can pay your...
  2. CyberHour

    Finally! Offshore Hosting and Offshore Domains!

    Dear users, From our first month operating as hosting provider back in 2013 until this month November 2017 we have receive thousands of requests for domain registration option through our network. Today we are happy to announce that finally our clients can get use of offshore domain...
  3. CyberHour

    Why is the best offshore hosting provider?

    There are thousands of hosting providers out there , but which one is the best offshore hosting provider for your project? Offshore VPS Hosting features: - Always the latest hardware available Latest XEON CPUs , Premium SSD storage (Always Samsung and always Enterprise). -...