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    Reliable managed dedicated hosting service required

    Hello @alvinarichard Feel free to PM me for custom plan and prices. Regards, Stephan
  2. CyberHour

    What is the best way to increase Facebook page fans for free?

    How strange, no one answered this for you @Potter . The easiest an free way would be to share your FP page within other FB groups. Of course you should stay away from just SPAMMING it. Instead, try to post useful information which is related to the groups of your choice. Don't forget to ask...
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    Important : cPanel license price increase

    Dear users, As you may already know on 26th June 2019 cPanel announced new licensing model which leads to price increase on their license plans. The new cPanel licensing is account based and so there is NO unlimited accounts plan available anymore. How to reduce the number of cPanel...
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    What is offshore vps hosting?

    All websites have to be hosted somewhere. There are multiple ways to get your website online. There is offshore shared hosting services, offshore VPS (virtual private servers) and of course, dedicated hosting etc. The choices and solutions for how an organisation and individuals want their...
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    Best FreeScout hosting

    What is FreeScout? FreeScout is the best alternative of the commercial ZenDesk & HelpScout FreeScout is open source help desk and shared inbox. The project is written in PHP7 powered by Laravel 5.5 framework. FreeScout is self hosted clone of HelpScout. With the help of FreeScout you can host...
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    Offshore RDP Hosting - KVM + Lubuntu - High Privacy NO LOGS

    Dear community, We are excited to announce our new Offshore RDP Hosting plans. What is Offshore RDP Hosting? RDP or Remote Desktop Protocol is used from users who want to increase their online security and privacy with building a safe connection between computers on the Internet. Users are...
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    Why is the best Codeigniter web hosting choice!

    Best web hosting for codeigniter framework Firstly lets explain what is CodeIgniter CodeIgniter is blazing fast , free,an open source php framework used by developers to create powerful web based applications. CodeIgniter comes with rich libraries. CodeIgniter speedup the developer work...
  8. CyberHour

    [ENDED] Halloween 2018 Offshore Web Hosting Offer

    Dear all, As you know, the most majestic day of the year is coming soon! CyberHour as always is coming with the best offshore web hosting Halloween discount offers! Only between 10/18/2018 and 10/30/2018 you can grab one of our high-end VPS plans with 35% DISCOUNT! To view and select your...
  9. CyberHour

    [ENDED] Summer 2018 - Best Offshore hosting with 30% off!

    Dear all, this offer is not valid anymore! Summer 2018 will be HOT, HOT verryyy HOT, as We Splash, Splash the hottest offer on our Offshore Web Hosting Services. Exclusive limited time offers just before the end of July! Summer is here for good and we at CyberHour are coming with the best...
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    [ENDED] 30% more storage on all KVM plans for the same price!

    Dear all, We would like to inform you that the deadpool offer has ended. Best Regards, CyberHour Team
  11. CyberHour

    offshore hosting ignore DMCA

    Thank you Cypriot for the good words :)
  12. CyberHour

    Pay for shared hosting with bitcoin

    Hello DrStrange, What offshore provider we would be if we don't accept cryptocurrencies :) Regards, CyberHour LTD
  13. CyberHour

    What is VPS ? What is OpenVZ and KVM ?

    Hello Brands, Firstly allow us to say that there is no dump questions, only stupid answers. Now in regards to your question. The basic difference between KVM and OpenVZ is that KVM is more flexible and can run custom OS, Windows and Linux , where OpenVZ can only run linux since is sharing the...
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    Why should I pick CyberHour?

    Hello Mike, We are glad to see you on the board! We are sorry to hear that you had performance issue with the mentioned providers. Unfortunately , users still don't understand that what matters is not the amount of advertised CPU cores but the Frequency . As a provider is not enough to...
  15. CyberHour

    [Important] Changes in Terms of Service and Privacy Policy in effect from May 25,2018

    Dear users, We would like to inform you that we have updated our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy as a result of the changes introduced by the EU's GDPR, which entered into force on May 25, 2018. We have implemented good practices and added new opportunities to give you more control over your...
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    How is CyberHour Getting Ready for the GDPR?

    2. Create Annexes To Contracts With External Providers Some of the services we sell are provided by external partners - domain registrars like Enom / Name / Tucows and Open Provider, GlobalSign for SSL certificates, Cloudflare for CDN and others. They need the client's data so they can deliver...
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    How is CyberHour Getting Ready for the GDPR?

    These days we are receiving lot of questions from clients asking if CyberHour will be GDPR-compliant. With this forum post, we would like to clarify what we have been doing and share our knowledge with becoming GDPR-compliant, both as a way to notify you what you can expect from us in the next...
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    [ENDED] 30% more storage on all KVM plans for the same price!

    Dear users, We are happy to announce our new limited time offer which we know that you will fall in love with! Only now you can get 30% more storage for the same price on our offshore kvm hosting plans! Example: KVM START : Which comes with 25GB SSD Storage , with our 30% offer will be...
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    What you should NOT host on CyberHour's network

    Dear users, Because we know that reading Terms is boring, we decided to create this thread in order to point what content is forbidden on our Network. (Keep on mind that using our services you agree to follow and respect our Terms) The following activities are strictly prohibited! - Bulk...
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    Fully Managed KVM Hosting with Free cPanel and DDOS Protection!

    Dear friends, We are happy to announce our new packages! Fully Managed KVM Hosting with WHM/cPanel and our First Class DDOS protection for FREE! CyberHour's Managed SSD VPS plans are based on cutting edge pure SSD storage. There are no short cuts here and there with SSD caching as these...
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