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    How to make WordPress Faster and more optimized

    Hey guys, today will talk for some really bad web practices and recommendations on what you have to do on your wordpress website in order to make it faster and more optimized, based on thousands of emails I receive from my customers and troubleshooting I experience on a daily basis. Most of...
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    Joomla vs Wordpress - The one million question!

    Both have their pros and coins, for me WordPress have better content management and is easy to optimize for google. Apart of that wordpress is more userfriendly and have tons of plugins :D
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    What is the best CMS for coupons website?

    Yo! I'm using wordpress coupons theme for this. You can take a look over themeforest average price $40 for license.
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    Adsense or Affiliate Marketing which is better?!

    I have been thinking about applying to get approved by Google Adsense and in doing some information gathering I have found that there are many people that recommend affiliate marketing over Adsense. They don't really go into detail but say that affiliate marketing usually makes more money but...
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    Is Domain Extension Important?!

    Hello everyone, In my adventures of the web, people are always trying to buy up .com domains. I've asked some people why does everyone go for .com Is it really that big of a deal? I've gotten responses like its important to have .com because everyone uses .com or it makes your website look...
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