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  1. Casper

    How to get Unlimited free Youtube Views Likes and Subs

    1. Hitleap: (800-1200+ views per day) Recommended This site give only views,and you can earn minutes very fast(you can open 3,4,5 or more tabs and let them earn for you) + you can download software and earn more. This works for a lot of websites and not only YouTube! 2. Vagex...
  2. Casper

    [ENDED] Get your .EU domain for FREE today!

    Will be there such offer any soon again?!
  3. Casper

    How to become a web developer?

    So Fiddlesticks, which language you picked ?
  4. Casper

    [Benchmarks ] Performance of PHP 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2 and HHVM (2018)

    PHP vs HHVM Benchmarks (2018) For the benchmark test was used the newest version of each platform and was benchmarked the homepage for one minute with 15 online users. The used server specs: Machine used: 8x Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU @ 2.20GHz (Powered by Google Cloud Platform and running in an...
  5. Casper

    What Is Difference Between <Window.Onload> And <OnDocumentReady>

    Hello Kajal, The onload event does not fire until every last piece of the page is loaded, this includes css and images, which means there’s a huge delay before any code is executed. That isnt what we want. We just want to wait until the DOM is loaded and is able to be manipulated...
  6. Casper

    How to delete Facebook profile

    Have you even wonder How to deactivate Facebook account? To deactivate your Facebook account, follow these four steps: 1. Click the account menu down arrow at the top right of any Facebook page in your web browser 2. Select ‘Settings’ 3. Choose ‘Security’ in the left column 4. Choose...
  7. Casper

    Cold Email marketing and List Building under the GDPR !

    On May 25.2018 takes effect the GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) European new regulation which is changing the way the business collect, share or destroy personal data from European residents. If you plan on doing cold email under the GDPR, you want to know...
  8. Casper

    How to find the best Niche Market for Your Online Business

    Goood tutorial , thank you for sharing it :)
  9. Casper

    WWW vs non-WWW - Which is Better for SEO?

    I don't know which one is better for SEO, what I care is which will looks and feel better :)
  10. Casper

    Google Adwords? Is worth spending on it?

    Since I'm SEO newbie , I'm using Adwords to rank my website. Depending on the niche it might be expensive , my niche CPC is 0.15c and is great but I know other niches where CPC is over 0.50c.
  11. Casper

    How can I see what pages are indexed in Google?

    The easiest way is by using the following command in the search field of google site :domainname
  12. Casper

    What are tiered backlinks?

    Hey friends, I'm trying to learn some SEO and all around backlinks in SEO - the nofollow/dofollow , how to start building my backlinks etc, but there's something that I don't understand. What is " tiered backlinks " . If I'm right those are different backlink tiers? How tiered backlinks help...
  13. Casper

    Learn How to Increase Adsense Income?

    Good tutorial , thank you for sharing this :)
  14. Casper

    How to Improve Forum SEO

    My friend who is also owner of Forum is using lot of keywords , have used some social marketing and guest posting in popular blogs which helped him to boost his SEO and visitors.
  15. Casper

    Yoast SEO or All in SEO Plugin?

    I'm using Yoast SEO , not sure if have helped me with my website seo optimization since I'm not good on it yet.
  16. Casper

    Should I post on the social media networks every day?

    Hey Cybertron, Not only every day but every 2 hours if you want to gain attention.
  17. Casper

    What are the Best social media websites for European audience

    Facebook / Instagram and Twitter are the leading one used in Europe.
  18. Casper

    How can manage multiple social networks at once?

    Both Facebook and Twitter have their own Schedule tool and I'm using them since as Free and is aways more secure to not share your social account data with 3rd party :D
  19. Casper

    Instagram Hashtags

    Hello Potter, Since I'm doing lot of social marketing I can tell you that there is no specific way to use hashtags. You can use something like "Check this new #fashion #tshirt for #summer 2017 etc etc.
  20. Casper

    Starting learning SEO in 2017, Is it too late?

    Hey fellas, I want to learn SEO in this year and to increase organic traffic to my web site. Till now have used many social network methods, guest posting, promotion on classified websites and so on. But those ways cost me more money and lot of efforts. I would like to have more success in...
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