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  1. kaiamugs

    Email Marketing vs Social Media Marketing

    I was thinking that I should concentrate my marketing efforts and try doing just one form of marketing that way I can be more dedicated to it rather than not having enough time to do both. Which of these would be better to concentrate my time on?
  2. kaiamugs

    How has your internet marketing been for 2017?

    Well we are more than 1/3 of the way through 2017 and I was curious as to how some of my fellow Internet Marketing Star members have done so far in 2017 with their marketing. My 2017 has been about on the same pace as it was in 2016 and I haven't had any big increase in sales or conversions as...
  3. kaiamugs

    What is the best online marketing methods?

    Nice week my friends, what is the best online marketing methods? I'm considering to use: Google adwords Facebook advertising Instagram advertising
  4. kaiamugs

    How to spy competitor campaign ?

    Everyone wants to know how his/her competitor is running his/her campaigns over PPC Networks / RON Networks. There are free and paid tools which can help you out in getting LP ( Landing Page ) , Targeted Keywords , Daily Budget , CTR , CPC of your competitor campaigns. Tools which you can use...
  5. kaiamugs

    WWW vs non-WWW - Which is Better for SEO?

    I am making new blog sites based on Wordpress cms, I have seen many sites are using non www on their urls. Is this method better for SEO or not? If you can set your preferred domain (www or non-www) for your domain names. Which version do you prefer? and why?
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