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  1. Potter

    How to make money online fast?

    Hi guys, I have several amazon affiliate websites, which are generating fairly enough amount of money per month. However I'm looking for faster way , so I would like to ask the affiliate marketers here.. What is your fastest way to make money online strategy? How much money you make in short...
  2. Potter

    How to find the best keyword to Rank 1st On google ?

    Honestly, the best thing to do is to run an AdWords campaign with a lot of phrase and broad match (using appropriate negative keywords or you will screw yourself) keywords. This will give you a ton of data on search volume (real search volume - not the BS volumes that tools give you) and what...
  3. Potter

    How to get more unique visitors to my website?

    Hello there, Their are many ways to get more visitors on your website. But it all depends on you that you want to pay for traffic or want to make effort from yourself to generate more traffic and more new users, First I will tell you about In-Organic traffic:- This option you have to pay for...
  4. Potter

    Should I buy GSA search engine ranker?

    GSA is one of the best spam tools out there. If you have a plan and it involves using spam, then it's great. I wouldn't use it on any site i care about and never, ever on a client's site. For churn and burn projects it can be useful. Not something I would recommend for a beginner though.
  5. Potter

    Is guest blogging good or bad for SEO?

    It's totally acceptable as long as you write for credible websites that don't have spammy content and don't do link trading. Even well-known websites like Moz and Mashable regularly feature guest posts. When it comes to guest posting, here are some things to keep in mind: 1. Write guest posts...
  6. Potter

    How to use social media pages for traffic?

    Hey friends How do you create backlinks using your facebook page? or what are the best ways to use social media to drive traffic to a website? With facebook, I can't seem to be able to join groups from my page and or comment from my page...I think it may be a new facebook rule? What would be...
  7. Potter

    Instagram Hashtags

    Hey friends, I'm trying to get a better grip on how instagram hashtags drive traffic. I understand you want to use hashtags that relate to niches or interest groups, but how specifically? For example, if you are marketing for a brand with two interest groups in mind should you use both sets...
  8. Potter

    What is the best way to increase Facebook page fans for free?

    Hey friends, I really like marketing but I am a coder and I have some ideas to tell with my friends. How can I market and increase fans for my FB page without using Facebook advertising. I tried FB ad but it costs me more and not effective. I need free ways. Thanks for your shares.
  9. Potter

    How can manage multiple social networks at once? - The Best Way To Manage Multiple Social Media networks.
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