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  1. Battledoom

    Buy Web Hosting with Zcash

    You can't image how happy I'm that I can use my mined zCash to pay my VPS with you guys! Love you <3
  2. Battledoom

    How to become a web developer?

    HTML is not programming language. So basically PHP or JS is what you are looking for guys.
  3. Battledoom

    Joomla vs Wordpress - The one million question!

    I enjoy using WordPress for my projects combined with VPS from CyberHour ! Blazing speeds <3
  4. Battledoom

    What is SEO? White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO vs Grey Hat SEO!

    @Stoneman5 You have to be careful with the company you will hire for your SEO optimization!
  5. Battledoom

    [ENDED] Get your .EU domain for FREE today!

    Yes ! I would like to have a free domain as well <3
  6. Battledoom

    How to install Vesta Control Panel in 2 steps!

    VestaCP, or Vesta Control Panel is leading open-source control panel and great free alternative to cPanel. With frequent security updates it is considered very secure for commercial use. Most webmasters are familiar only with cPanel, which may raise doubts if they have to switch to VestaCP...
  7. Battledoom

    Joomla vs Wordpress - The one million question!

    Need your help folks, I have start with WordPress but I'm always looking for something new. So... Anyone tried Joomla Any comparisons between Joomla and Wordpress, which is better?
  8. Battledoom

    Adsense or Affiliate Marketing which is better?!

    More people make more money from affiliate marketing than from Adsense for several reasons. Affiliate marketing will usually get you more money because you don't need lots and lots of clicks to make decent money. Adsense usually needs a lot of clicks to make a good amount of money because they...
  9. Battledoom

    How to make quality backlinks for SEO?

    Hello Everyone, I want to make backlinks in social bookmarking websites and blog commenting websites but most of the websites are not working or spammy (or nofollow). How can I find high PR do follow websites. Please suggest me the best. Thanks in advance.
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