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  1. Cypriot

    offshore hosting ignore DMCA

    CyberHour is the best offshore hosting provider for me :p
  2. Cypriot

    KWFinder vs Long Tail Pro

    In my opinion, Long Tail Pro is better than KWFinder. :cool:;)
  3. Cypriot

    nVidia GTX Titan V mining at 3.5+k H/s hashrate!

    Although the Titan V come with more cube cores I believe that the mentioned hashrate of GTX Titan V will be for Monero and I believe that will be around ~2.8k In regards to Equahash algos it should be around 950-1020 sols on the mentioned ~250-300w For that power consumption and price tag I...
  4. Cypriot

    Offshore Reseller Web Hosting question

    Hello, We are web design agency and we are looking for offshore reseller web hosting provider in Europe. I want to know if you guys provide offshore reseller hosting plans? What I need is cPanel/WHM with unlimited accounts , all cPanel features and like 100GB storage. Please let me know...
  5. Cypriot

    How to find the best keyword to Rank 1st On google ?

    If your area has a lot of competition it could be quite a challenge getting your site to rank number one on the keywords that have a lot of competition. I am just being honest with you. In markets that have a lot of competition, especially if the market has a good profit potential, there are...
  6. Cypriot

    How to detect broken links in my website?

    You can check your website for broken links with: Or wait for webmaster tools to notify you (although bad for seo)
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