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  1. Cryptoholic

    CryptoBridge platform forcing users to verify!

    New month, new B.S for the cryptoland! The CryptoBridge platform, calling itself the "decentralized channel for trading on the BitShares digital assets exchange", announced this Tuesday 10/01/2019 that starting from October (same day of the announcement), all its users need KYC verification to...
  2. Cryptoholic

    Michael Arrington - BTC to hit $25000 in the next months

    Michael Arrington says that bitcoin will hit 25000$ in the upcoming months! Both the crypto-experts agreed on the speculation and stated ETF as the possible reason for the future success of Bitcoin. The ETF for Bitcoin is believed to be created between August and October, which will provide...
  3. Cryptoholic

    The fourth quarter update of BNB coin burn announced by the Binance CEO

    Binance confirmed that they are going to burn 32$ Million BNB coins The exchange is burning out coins every fiscal quarter. They are ready for the 4th quarter massive coin burn for around 32.7$ Million BNB On 16 July , Zhao tweeted about the final tally: In accordance with the exchange’s...
  4. Cryptoholic

    Bitcoin Tumbles over 6% caused by South Korea Exchange Hack

    Bad day for the cryptoworld Bitcoin have drop on value by 6% on Sundays as S.Korean cryptocurrency exchange Coinrail announced there was a hacking attempt (cyber intrusion) in its own system. The largest cryptocurrency declined 5.1 percent to $7,242 as of 5:28pm Hong Kong time, the biggest...
  5. Cryptoholic

    [HOT] zCash forced to fork! - (ZEC) Hard Fork

    zCash (ZEC) Hard Fork zCash never had a hard fork since its launch. But seems that this will change. The CEO of the company that developed zCash ( Zerocoin Electric Coin ) Mr. Zooko Wilcox, hindted of an incoming zCash Hard Fork. The Zooko annoucement is not new, actually he had announce it...
  6. Cryptoholic

    Bitcoin Cash to Hard Fork in May 2018

    The lead developer of full-node client Bitcoin ABC Amaury Séchet has confirmed that Bitcoin Cash (BCH) will fork on May 15 to allow for bigger block sizes along with some other adjustments. Bitcoin ABC developers have also made the codebase for the client Bitcoin ABC 0.17.0 available for...
  7. Cryptoholic

    The Bitcoin transaction fee crisis is over - well for now!

    Hey Folks, Good news for the BTC community! As you know the the bitcoin network was under attack (most likely from the bcash clowns $1 transaction spams). The average transaction fee now is $0.79c , a six month low! That represents 97 percent drop from the peak of the dramatic $34 reached on...
  8. Cryptoholic

    Anonymous investor bought bitcoin for $ 400 million

    All or nothing seems to be the moto of the mysterious investor, who invested nearly 400 millions in bitcoin reports Margaret Watt. The purchase comes at a time when the most popular cryptocurrency has begun to recover its price after a terrible start in 2018. In the first month of the year...
  9. Cryptoholic

    Bitcoin has abandoned its claims for low fees and fast transactions!

    One of the reasons that make people to be excited about Bitcoin was the promise of fast peer-to-peer transactions and really low fees. But following its foray into the mainstream, the cryptocurrency has consistently struggled with slow transfers and excessive transaction costs. Indeed...
  10. Cryptoholic

    Ripple and MoneyGram Partner to Modernize Payments

    Ripple in partnership with MoneyGram Pilot will use digital asset XRP to lower costs and increase payment speed DALLAS, and SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Ripple, provider of the leading enterprise blockchain solution for payments, has partnered with MoneyGram (NASDAQ: MGI), one...
  11. Cryptoholic

    Korea’s Justice Ministry suggest to Ban Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading

    The South Korean Ministry of Justice is planning to ban trading of all cryptocurrencies including bitcoin. Citing an official from Korea’s Ministry of Justice, the Nikkei published a report with quotes from the ministry official suggesting a complete ban on all cryptocurrency trading in Korea...
  12. Cryptoholic

    nVidia GTX Titan V mining at 3.5+k H/s hashrate!

    nVidia GTX Titan V have been released and there are rummos that GTX Titan V hashrate is over 3.5k on 250W. NVidia introduced its new Titan V GPU, which the company heralds as the “world’s most powerful GPU for the PC.” The Titan V graphics card is targeted at scientific calculations and...
  13. Cryptoholic

    [Red Flag] GoldGate ICO SCAM And PONZI SCHEME

    Hello folks, I have come across another Crypto Lending Program with the superb name GoldGate. So lets begin with some info we have here: Website: Gold Gate Total Coin Supply: 26,000,000(BGG) ICO Coin Supply: 7,800,000(BGG) ICO Start Date: 26/11/2017 Term Length: 50 to 199 Days Daily Interest...
  14. Cryptoholic

    [Guilty] J P Morgan Money Laundering Tried To Hide Swiss Regulator Judgement

    What we have here :) JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon is facing irony this week after calling #Bitcoin a fraud - as the bank’s Swiss arm is sanctioned for fraud. Reports from local media outlet Die Handelszeitung relate how the Swiss regulator Finma had ruled JPMorgan was guilty of money laundering...
  15. Cryptoholic

    Golem (GNT)

    It's made up of the combined power of user's machines, from personal laptops to entire datacenters. Golem is decentralized, open sourced and global supercomputer that can be accessed by anyone. What Golem is made of? Generally speaking, Golem is powered by every person computer, from laptops...
  16. Cryptoholic

    Bitcoin - Segwit2x Fork Has Been Canceled

    SegWit2x Is Dead, Long Live Bitcoin! Price Hits All-Time High As Hard Fork Canceled Bitcoin has reached a new all-time high of $7,888 as participants of the SegWit2x hard fork announce they have “suspended” it. A circular sent to the mailing list by major proponent Mike Belshe says that it was...
  17. Cryptoholic

    nVidia GTX 1070 ti hashrate mining zCash

    Hello folks, Today I got my brand new EVGA GTX 1070 ti for the new rig that I'm building. Will test and report the GTX 1070ti hashrate mining zCash later this week once I finish the rig setup. I believe that will get out up to 500-510Sol/s Have anyone test the GTX 1070 ti hashrate with zCash...
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