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  1. ScoobyDoo

    What is SEO? White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO vs Grey Hat SEO!

    My opinion on this is that there is no color in SEO. Everything you do which "manipulate the system" is "Black Hat SEO" no matter of the method (Guest posting or backlinks farm etc etc). For example "Create backlinks by commenting " is pure spam which is not allowed normally :D
  2. ScoobyDoo

    How to know where the website traffic is coming from?

    You will need to install tracking script. The most popular one is by Google - Analytics. You can register for free just visit Via Google Analytics you can monitor in real time your website visitors, location , what pages they visit more, how much time they have stay in...
  3. ScoobyDoo

    Offshore Managed VPS from ?

    Hey guys, I would like to order offshore vps server however I'm linux noob and I don't see my self managing everything my self. Have look over your plans but can't see if you provide offshore managed vps ? Please let me know the price's and if cPanel is included. Need to set the server and...
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