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  1. Cybertron

    What are the Best social media websites for European audience

    I am getting back in to doing affiliate marketing after some years away from it and want to know what are the best social media websites to use to target European audiences. Social media was not as big when I was doing affiliate marketing before so this is new for me. I will appreciate any...
  2. Cybertron

    Should I post on the social media networks every day?

    So... I try to post on the social media network websites every day but sometimes I am not able to. Does anyone think that it is needed to post every day on the social media networks or is it ok to post almost every day? Is there any social media auto publisher?
  3. Cybertron

    Are link exchanges good for SEO or bad?

    Yo yo! I own some websites which rank in top 10 for the keywords I want. I saw that many places around have link exchanges for website owners. Are these good for SEO and will they help my blog or do the search engine penalize your website if they learn that you are having link exchanges?
  4. Cybertron

    Is guest blogging good or bad for SEO?

    I am thinking about having some people do guest blogging on my blog to maybe help it get better search engine rankings but I don't know if that is good for SEO or bad for it. So .. Is guest blogging good or bad for SEO? 10x
  5. Cybertron

    Google Adwords? Is worth spending on it?

    Alright, So I need your help guys/girls. My competitors are spending lot of cash on adowrds.. I want to know if this can help me sell more? I mean .. if start advertising... can any only tell me , approximately how much we can spend to get 1000 visitors daily. if we cant tell...
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