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  1. BadAss

    Best Twitter Marketing Software?

    Hello folks, I'm looking for Twitter marketing software which will allows me to increase followers on the fly (automatically). It should automatically find twitter profiles related to my niche or my hashtags and automatically follow/unfollow those who don't follow back. Is there any tool...
  2. BadAss

    How can manage multiple social networks at once?

    Hi everyone I have trouble with my multiple social networks, i spend many time to do login, logout and write status many many thing for attracted traffic for my campaign. Do you have a way to help manage multiple social networks save time?
  3. BadAss

    Off page SEO for newly website

    Hello pps, I am new in SEO. I want to start off page SEO optimization for my new created web site, but I don't know how to start or wait for indexing in google webmaster. So anyone suggest me for what I do. I submitted my sitemap before 3-4 days. Thanks