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  1. DrStrange

    Long tail vs short keywords which one is best for website?

    Long tail keywords used to rank without much effort. Basically when someone use google is typing long tail question. For example " Where to find cheap used cars" Cheers
  2. DrStrange

    How to market eCommerce business ?

    Like I said in other thread, You should create band profiles in all available social medias Also you MUST have brand page on Facebook :)
  3. DrStrange

    What are the Best social media websites for European audience

    Facebook and Twitter of course :)
  4. DrStrange

    Social Media Tactics

    Susan, There are many! :D - First of you need to build an brand online, website - Profiles in all known social media (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit , Youtube and so on) - Create page of your brand on Facebook - Post interesting acticles, photos and vides - Create Ad campaign on FB - Create...
  5. DrStrange

    How to install Vesta Control Panel in 2 steps!

    It is so simple indeed :) Thank you for the tutorial :D
  6. DrStrange

    Google traffic decrease, why?

    I was in similar situation, I had to check all backlinks and to remove the bad of them. Also had increase the quality of my articles. That solved my issue with google traffic , hope it help you to.
  7. DrStrange

    Pay for shared hosting with bitcoin

    Hello there, Please let me know if I can pay for shared hosting with bitcoin or other cryptocurrency. Thanks in advance!