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  1. Fiddlesticks

    What is the best CMS for coupons website?

    I want to start my own coupons website . I am looking for a cms to build coupon website, it will offer domain and hosting coupons. What is the best CMS to build kind of this website? Please share your recommendations. P.S: Of course will be No1 in my list <3
  2. Fiddlesticks

    How to become a web developer?

    So I'm pretty noob on this field, There are many good web templates and I want to create my own web templates, what are the programming languages to learn and becoming a web developer?
  3. Fiddlesticks

    What is the best SEO for WordPress website?

    I'm using CyberHour WordPress hosting and have a question.. I have been trying to do SEO for my WordPress. Its been a week now. But there is still no improvement in Google. I am not asking for the first page right away but still it is not coming even on the top 300 page itself. Please some one...
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