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  1. Horde

    [FaceBook] Follow-up questions from EP by Mark Zuckerberg

    12. Is there an alternative to Facebook’s services in Europe today? Many. For instance, if you want to share a photo or video, you can choose between Facebook, DailyMotion, Snapchat, YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, Vimeo, Google Photos and Pinterest. Similarly, if you are looking to message someone...
  2. Horde

    [FaceBook] Follow-up questions from EP by Mark Zuckerberg

    During his meeting with the Conference of Presidents, Mark Zuckerberg answered a wide range of questions in the time given to him. Here are answers to many of the questions he was not able to get to in the time available and we will follow up with any remaining questions. Data 1. Facebook has...
  3. Horde

    Backlink Building Tactics in Guest Blogging?

    Backlinks from guest posts is the best method for building backlink profile. 1 link is enough to pass the juice from the website you are posting on. If you want to rank your subpage you should link to it.
  4. Horde

    How difficult is it to get from page 7 to page 1 on google?

    You really have to look over your optimization both onpage and offpage. This include unique content, userfriendly links, sitemap, backlinks from websites in same niche.
  5. Horde

    Why is social media important for SEO?

    Google is using social signals as one more SEO factor. So if you want to rank higher in SERP you should have some Social Signals
  6. Horde

    How to find forums in your niche?

    Indeed, Google is your best friend in order to find websites in same niche .
  7. Horde

    Should I use Fiver SEO service?

    I would not recommend using the Fiverr SEO services, 99% of them are B.S and their "PBN" are already penalized or spammed to hell .
  8. Horde

    Anonymous VPS bitcoin

    Dear CyberHour, I would like to know if you offer anonymous vps hosting with bitcoin payments and how I can pay with bitcoin for it? Disclaimer: I won't host anything illegal just like the idea of sharing less personal information online. Awaiting your reply! Thank you !
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