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    Google traffic decrease, why?

    Hello guys, I have notice that the organic Google traffic to my website have decreased with 2/3 in total since xmas of 2017. I have no idea why and how to see if something have affect my site ranking. I'm running personal blog with unique content. Any idea? Thank you :)
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    Yoast SEO or All in SEO Plugin?

    Hey friends, When installing WordPress for my clients, I usually choose the Yoast SEO. However these days Yoast has gone too much commercial inside even the Free plugin. So I am thinking if this plugin is good anymore. Instead I want to check out All in one SEO plugin for them. I have used both...
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    How to use Google Adwords for CPA offers without website?

    We all know that CPA offers need larger traffic so there will be good chance on converting those traffics into sales. Google Adwords are always amazing to reach to the wider audience but what if we don't have any website to land that traffic from Google Adwords. How can we use Google Adwords...
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    Question about Multiple Affiliate links in Page?

    I have this blog where I am using the multiple affiliate links such as linkshare, shareasale and amazon. I am trying to find out if using this type of practice is in compliance of these programs. If it is not in compliance then how can specific text can be monetized. As the blog has Adblock...
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    I want to become a successful affiliate manager!

    Hello Everyone Have a wonderful day. I have been using internet for the last 13 years. I have been hardly tried and still trying to become a rich man by using affiliate program. I know blogging and website creation policy but every time I am loosing my interest to earn huge. I have been doing...
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    How to bypass Adblocker for conversion?

    The majority of the affiliate marketers are finding it hard to make some revenue. The reason being most of us are hit by all these adblocker. Now our banners and the API based feeds won't be rendered due to the adblocker. And in this case we have to find other means to generate the revenue. I am...