Why you won't find free offshore hosting?

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let's imagine for a moment the following scenario
You have launch a successful business. Things and sales are going great.
But you need more, you want more!
You need to increase your profits, expand your business.
To do so, you need robust online presence. How you can achieve it? Yes you guest it! You need a website.

But where you should host the website? Is it better going offshore and paying a (yet affortable) monthly subscription or is better to have your website hosted in your country for no money or with cheap hosting provider? What's the benefits of having your website hosted at an offshore host?

Why paying money if you can have "the same service" for free?
Of course, for some the "free hosting" is an option. But, having your website at free website hosting provider apart of saving you lot of money comes with extra unwanted bonuses. You see, there is no business in the world that will work free for you. Would you work for free? For exact reason they always have a shady ways to make money from you. They place ads all over your website to monetize from YOUR traffic. They use popups etc. From the technical side, free web hosting or cheap web hosting providers are applying strong resource limitations pushing you to finally go for their paid plan (because all free hosting providers have paid plans as well).

For an amateur or competely begginer in the WWW realm, free web hosting might sound good, but it comes with cons:

  • Strong privacy protection
  • Strong customer support
  • Protection from local laws
  • Anonymity
  • Tax benefits
  • Better uptime
  • Better loading speeds

Offshore hosting provider will take care of all that. An oversea hosting provider can provide everything that you need for the best online presence, but of course, it cost ... money!

You are curious why there are no free offshore hosting providers on the web hosting market? Here's the answer to that question:

Unlike completely free or cheap hosting, offshore hosting providers don't use shady technics, don't place ads on the hosted websites because they respect your and your website visitors privacy.

Of course there are other reasons for charging for the web hosting service. Offshore hosting providers are using modern facilities ( data centers) built with anti-hurricane technologies, they have to pay staffs, premium connectivity etc. All these and more are coming with huge costs for the datacenters and offshore hosting providers.

That's is the reason why you can't enjoy free offshore hosting.

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