What is Offshore VPS?

The term "offshore" means any location away from the country of origin, an offshore vps means that the server is located in a different country than your business homeland. For example, CyberHour offers Bulgarian-based VPS hosting plans to clients in over 22 countries around the world.

Bulgaria have better Internet and Network infrastructure, meaning higher-speed connectivity all over the globe. In some cases also mean better uptime for your server. Of course there are other benefits like:

Cost Saving

Local fees and other sales tax vary per country. An offshore VPS in some cases can help you to cut expenses.

In a country like Bulgaria, there are less regulations from the local government related to the internet communications, which often results in less expenses for the hosting companies as well. Hosting company with base in highly regulated country may increase operating costs with a result of higher plan costs.

Freedom of Speech and Anonymity


One of the main benefits of offshore VPS is the freedom of speech and the protection shield of the local government and privacy laws. The local laws of each country says what kind of access and power the government has to yuor private data and hosted content. Different countries of course have different laws and these laws won't apply always to an offshore server provider.

With that said, it doesn't mean that yur business is immune to your country laws, but if your offshore vps is located in the same country, the risks are significant.

Well-known webmasters and website owners such as WikiLeaks for example, use offshore hosting for exactly that reason. Of course, you should take into consideration not only your government but unethical copyright claims (DMCA complaints) as well.

DMCA Ignored Hosting


DMCA or The Digital Millenium Copyright Act, is a US copyright law that also very effective in the WIPO (World International Property Organization). The intent of the DMCA is to "protect" copyright holders from digital theft. 

The problem with DMCA is that unethical competitors or clients can abuse (and they do) in order to damage other businesses, they can file a fake DMCA complaint claiming copyright infrigment. Most of the Web hosting companies don't have the time, the nerve and the law knowledge to filter the fake complains. What they will do instead? They'll turn your website offline without investigation (no-quesiton-asked) and in most times you won't be able to convince them that you are innocent in order to change their mind.

Web hosting providers that offer DMCA ignored hosting don't play the chicken game if they receive one of these fake complaints. What they do instead is a full review of the claim to ensure that it is legitimate.

Keep on mind that DMCA ignored hosting is not a monopoly card (get out of jail free). If a hosting provider promises 100% DMCA free, that's not true, since it's illegal to ignore legitimate complaints especially these coming with court order. CyberHour's DMCA ignored hosting does it right by filtering fake reviews and ignoring any complain which doesn't follow local authorities order and these without enough valid evidence which to support the claims.

DMCA ignored hosting is not unique to offshore hosting providers but they often have very restrictive policies related to DMCA complaints.

Better Reliability

An advantage of offshore hosting is of course a better riability. Apart of the better quality of the connectivity in some offshore countries, the quality of the electrical power supply can also very. Bulgaria for example rank high for the electricity quality compared to other countries around the world.

CyberHour's data center, located  in Sofia, can keep running for over 72 hours without electricity power supply. In the rare case of power shortage, our servers will can stay alive for 3 days thanks to Netera's power backup. Don't forget the naturral disasters, if the country of your host is affected by storms, flooding or other disasters it could cause physical damage or outages.

Better Website Performance

The Worldwide network is the Internet. And when it comes to the website performance of your site, the physical location of your business doesn't really matter. What matters is the location of your visitors. Hosting your website closer to your customers can improve the website loading time.

Did you know that digital data travels around the globe in seconds? You can be in USA and open a website which is hosted in server 18000miles away for less than 10seconds. Isn't that magic? The fact is that loading time matter especially for commercial websites and SEO. Google's data claims that if a website loading time increase from 1 second to just 3 seconds, the chance that your customer will click the back button increases by 33%. And that number adds up if the website loading increase from 1 to 5 seconds, you are risking 90% of your customers to get out of your website before they even see your offer!

A single second can make a big difference to your turnover!

CyberHour's fully managed VPS and self-managed VPS will provide blazing fast perfromance to your European customers and excellent loading time for your visitors from rest of the world.

How to select the right Offshore Host provider?

One of the big challenges when dealing with offshroe hosting providers can be the support level you will get. From time zone differences to language barriers. Having all that great benefits of an offshore VPS will not matter alot if the hosting rpovider support is not available to assist and resolve your problem.

CyberHour's fully managed support is available 24/7. For us it doesn't matter if you are in China , USA or Australia, we will be here to help you with any technical issue you have.

Whether you are looking for offshore dedicated server or offshore VPS hsoting, CyberHour has you covered. If you are not sure what service type you need, feel free to get in touch with us, and we will assist you on finding the right plan for your business needs.

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