Regardless if you are deploying a website / blog or e-store, you need a hosting provider who will provide the hardware and 24/7 connectivity resources for your website.

Chances are that you will have plenty of web hosting providers inshore (with inshore we mean companies in your country of origin); however, there are also chances that those providers are quite expensive or with very poor performance for the price they are charging.

On the other hand, offshore host providers are companies that are not located in your country or your continent at all. These offshore hosting providers are likely to be offering better performance and more affordable prices.

Offshore host myths

Myth No1: Hosting your website in another country will impact your website loading speed and SEO.

Fact : The loading speed could be a issue if we were still living in 90's or beginning of 20's. Today the Global internet is so fast that it doesn't really matter where is your web hosting provider located especially with the help of CDN's (Content Delivery Network). 

When we are speaking about SEO, we are referring to Google, and Google has stated multiple times that for them it doesn't matter where is the website hosting location as far their bots/spiders can access it quickly and without issues.

Myth No2: Offshore hosting is used only from people with funny online business (illegal).

Fact: Most of the websites hosted offshore are completely legal; they tend to prefer offshore hosting just because of the better performance and better offers. In fact, the chances are that your local hosting provider is hosting more illegal content than any offshore hosting provider.

Myth No3: You cannot trust offshore hosting providers

Fact: Saying that you cannot trust offshore web hosting companies is like saying that you completely trust your government. In fact, been hosted offshore will increase your online privacy and online anonymity. Hosting companies which are not falling in your country jurisdiction are not willing to share or disclose customer data.

Why is the best offshore hosting provider in Europe?

  • Not a reseller, we own 100% of our infrastructure!
  • High Privacy protection: We will never sell our customer privacy
  • DMCA ignored: We ignored malicious fake DMCA complains
  • We are among the first hosting providers who adopted Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments for better anonymity.
  • We have 100% Network Uptime and 99.99% Hardware uptime guarantee backed with SLA!
  • We allow any content which is not related to child nudity, terrorism, hacking, phishing, ddos, spam.
  • All anonymous vps hosting plans are coming with up to 200Mbps International Premium Bandwidth.
  • Our offshore web hosting is coming with cPanel and unlimited FREE SSL certificates.
  • Free cPanel license with all TOP KVM VPS plans!
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CyberHour's location is Europe / Bulgaria / Sofia and our racks are hosted in the best datacenter of the region Netera Sofia DC.

If you have any pre-sale question, don't hesitate to contact us.