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What is cPanel? How to get Free cPanel license in 2022?

What is cPanel? How to get Free cPanel license in 2022?

cPanel is the best control panel in the hosting industry. And we as official cPanel NOC partners are giving FREE cPanel licenses to everyone! Click to learn how You can get FREE license today!

cPanel is the industry-leading Web server control panel. It allows the webmaster to manage all web services (Apache/Email/MySQL and more) in a single environment. Currently, the control panel cPanel is widely used from most of the web developers and hosting providers.

cPanel gives you the power to manage intuitively and easily multiple domains without the need to know a single linux command. Whether that's to create a new email or FTP user or simply to monitor the hosting resources and installing various scripts.



What is cPanel Hosting?

cPanel hosting stands for Linux based web hosting which of course includes the cPanel as a control panel. Of course, as with all softwares, cPanel has its cons and pros, but the truth is that it works pretty well in 95% of the cases. cPanel is the right choice when you need a UI panel solution for various projects.

The pros of cPanel are:

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to learn
  • Tried and tested
  • Saves time and money
  • Plenty of tutorials/support available online
  • Includes software auto-installers

The cons of cPanel are:

  • Some web hosting providers run outdated software (not the case with CyberHour.com)
  • Number of features can be overwhelming (yet you can disable some of them)
  • Relatively easy to accidentally change necessary settings (cPanel doesn't ask for confirmation of the changes you do)
  • cPanel license is expensive starting from 20$/mo

What are the cPanel alternatives?

Well, there are thousands of cPanel alternatives out there, and since every web host provider is different, you will have to check with each provider to figure out what control panel they're using.

Although, we at CyberHour have the experience and the power to develope our own web panel solution, we took the decision to continue our partnership with cPanel as official NOC (distributor) of cPanel even after the cPanel team decided to change their license pricing policy.

From our experience, 9 out of 10 alternatives to cPanel lack essential and very basic features, plus the team behind them are failing to secure the code of their panels leading to mass hacked websites.

From our point of view, if you really want an alternative of cPanel then is better to learn how to install and configure LAMP.

How to get Free cPanel license?

As we mentioned earlier, cPanel is a premium Control Panel, with licensing prices starting from $20/mo for 5 sub accounts makes cPanel the most expensive Web Panel solution out there. 

CyberHour.com is official cPanel NOC and cPanel license distributor since 2012. We have choose cPanel versus the competitors because we believe that is the best control panel and will remain the No1 for long time.

How to get completely free cPanel license and free WHM license? 

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How to get free cPanel license!


*Lifetime license is active for the period of the VPS hosting service paid term.