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Having your website hosted locally exposes the webmaster (you) to the risk of been hunted for many reasons including the well known "Political correctnes". Goverments are trying to silence anyone who is giving his opinion and doesn't like the winning party of his country.

Offshore hosting is a popular method that is being used by people and you can find more companies which avail the service. So, let us talk about it a little more.

The internet is a place where business and websites are thriving. More and more people are getting into hosting their websites or companies via the internet. All of them can never afford to have their powerful servers which run smoothly. On top of that, it is quite important to avail hosting services which will be beneficial for the business. Along with the cost and hosting quality one should also note that their requirements are being fulfilled.

Offshore hosting is a popular method that is being used by people and you can  find more companies which avail the service. So, let us talk about it a little more.

What is Offshore Hosting?

What is the thing that comes to your mind when you hear about offshore hosting? You will think about a foreign land. It is just that. Offshore hosting is a service that you avail to send your website to be hosted on a server present in some other place than the country of origin. It is an anonymous hosting service which is availed by those websites and companies which have content which isn’t legal in their country. It is often used for adult websites and websites which contain copyrighted or pirated items.

They find it much more helpful as authorities aren’t able to easily locate the place or shut down the website. Types of Offshore Hosting: When you are thinking about availing offshore hosting, you should also think about the types that are usually found in the market. They are:

Shared Hosting: When it comes to shared hosting, then plus point is that it costs less and you can share with other websites or companies. This is great for those websites which are still small and do not have a lot of data to store. The control panel is often quite powerful and the hosting com panies provide several features.

VPS Hosting:

Offshore VPS Hosting is a service that is quite popular as it provides the best of both worlds. It works like an amalgamation of a shared server and a dedicated server. VPS stands for Virtual Private Servers. The main thing in it is that a single physical server is divided into multiple virtual servers. It works a lot faster and it offers great computation and is often more reliable.

Dedicated Hosting:

If someone already owns a big website with a lot of data, then they may want to get a dedicated server. This will be helpful for them to manage everything well and dedicated servers are much more reliable. They just need to see that the hosting is

DMCA ignored to avoid any problems that they might face. The owners have complete control on these servers and they also get 24/7 help from the hosting company.