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Error messages are not generally considered great for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Actually, they are not a favorable whatsoever. No matter how you keep your website, you are very likely to strike them in random times.

When 404 errors do appear, there are a number of ways that you may restrict their possible impact on your website's SEO (search engine optimization ). This page just a site go back to a page of your website, and may consist of hyperlinks to posts that are favorite.

In this report, we will discuss what is the .htaccess file, and a few of the things it could do. We describe how this document may be used to set selfmade error pages up and enhance SEO. Let us have a look!

An Introduction into the .htaccess Document

It is a configuration record that impacts the way the server act to browser requests, and is backed by Apache-based servers. In brief, it controls the directory which it'resides' in.

It is possible to consider this .htaccess document as the doorman into a apartment building (which are the directory or folder which has it). After you open the door and inform the doorman (.htaccess) in which you would like to go, '' he sends you through the construction (the directory) and into the appropriate flat unit (the document you asked ).

The document can be used by A system administrator to directories. To put it differently, if you do not have the password, then you won't be let by the doorman .

When there is a petition made to the web server and it's not able to react, it sends an error message back. The host Will Probably exhibit a message similar to this one if you do not define Any Sort of error handling:


Obtaining one of them could be frustrating for users, and does not offer assistance to them. On the flip side, custom designed error pages may consist of hyperlinks and fun images back to a site which help keep people. This can facilitate the aggravation they might feel when encountering this kind of error.

To specify up a custom error page, you require a way to divert the procedure that is standard, and substitute the error message along with your . This is the point where the .htaccess document comes in.

There are several ways in which you can get this document.

In the event you decide to use the procedure, you can begin with activating and installing the plugin.


You can add the HTML made file for your new error page . All you need to do is tell which file to use such as this:

ErrorDocument 404 /errors/404.html

In this paradigm,"404. Html" is the document for your selfmade error page. You can implement a similar html documet for each of the common errors also, including 403 banned and 400 asks messages.


4 Ways to Improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) With a Custom Designed Error Page

By using personal custom error 404 pages, you could be able to enhance your search engine optimization rather than damaging it the next time a visitor experiences an issue. Let's talk about a few of the ways that you can achieve.

1. Connect to Leading Articles

Consumers are given a page to go other than goin away from the website by adding links that are internal to your error pages. You could have the ability to entice them with a number of your content, which is probably why they're on your own website in the first location.

Let's see the Amazon's 404 error page:


Here, Amazon piques our attention with a photo of a dog and a URL to Meet the puppies of Amazon. You like puppies and if you're interested, you might follow on the link and find yourself re-engaged on the website.

This type of inlink linking building is also a genius way to increase the number of website pages. In this way, these additional internal url links can benefit visitors and improve your SEO.

2. Display a Sitemap

If one or even two links isn't sufficient, you include a sitemap and can go even further. A site gives viewers a concise overview of your site's major sections, much like the topics of a book.

1 site that utilizes this technique is Starbucks:

Starbucks 404

When user experience this error, rather than being lost and not sure what should do next, Starbucks has provided them with a guide. This works particularly well for sites with a lot of moving components.

Employing this technique helps to keep viewers improving and increasing engagement. A sitemap may steer them towards the material that is most interesting to them, and gives an option of where they'd like to proceed next to them.

3. Feature Product Links

Another way to improving your 404 error pages is to add links to services or products you offer. This permits visitors to browse to what they're searching for, instead of giving up and clicking away.

The Land's End clothing firm has

land clother

Links to the various apparel sections of the company are contained on its own error pages. As a result, people are being given options by the website. They could each pick and they could encounter new products they wouldn't have otherwise believed.

Additionally, merchandise urls are a amazing opportunity for e-shop sites to improve their SEO. They offer Googe and other search engines (Yahoo/Bing) more information about the structure of your site, and supply still another opportunity for internal links.

4. Insert a Search Bar

You may also add a search bar, if you prefer to keep things easy. By doing this, you are currently giving the tool they need to locate virtually anything on your site to people.

One awesome paradigm of a site that does this can be GitHub:

github 404

People are given the power to look up whatever interests them by A search bar. As opposed to causing them to leave annoyed, you can provide the information they are searching for.

Search pubs are participating. They raise your probability of keeping traffic around for more time, which in turn may have a great impact on your site's optimization.



It's important to maintain your website as. However, customizing your error pages can allow you to keep user participation and enhance SEO If something does go wrong.

Fortunately, .htaccess is a useful file you may use to divert site visitors to the ideal place. When designing your custom 404 error page via the .htaccess, you can enhance it by:

Linking to top content.

Featuring merchandise links.

Adding a search bar.

Still have questions on how to optimize the error pages? You can always ask in the community forum of CyberHour.